Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ryder 5.0

I went and babysat for Dave and Nat on the 22nd. Katie was insanity. But this is more about Ryder. That dear dear child. He is now old enough that we have chats. Real chats. About real things. Its the strangest thing to me. I love it but its strange that he's grown up so much. So I'm trying to convince Ryder to go to sleep cause its like 10 pm. And I tell him to lay on his bed and we'll snuggle and tell secrets. This he likes a lot. So we're chatting. I'm asking him about his married Aunts and Uncles. Asking if he has any girls. And I tell him that I'm not married. And this is the conversation that proceeded.

Ryder: OH! I have a great idea!
Me: Ok? What is it?
Ryder: You and I should get married. We're not part of the same family.
Me: Well there's a couple things wrong with that. First off, you are much younger than me...
Ryder: Well, we can wait till I'm older and get married.
Me: Umm, ok? Fair enough. But you know how you have Katie and she's your sister? Well, thats like your dad and I. I'm like Katie and you are like your Dad. Your dad is my brother. Which means that you are my nephew and therefore part of my family.
Ryder: But we dont live in the same house. Families live in the same house.
Me: Well when you become an adult you live in a different house.
Ryder: Cause your parents kick you out? 
Me: No. Just when you become an adult thats what you do. You go live on your own. Your parents dont live with grandma and grandpa anymore. Cause they're adults now. And thats like me. 
Ryder: Oh. Ok.
Me: Plus you should marry someone your own age. After you go on a mission and are older.
Ryder: Ok then. 

Cathy, Trent and Dallin Orr were downstairs. I immediately went down to tell them the story once Ryder went to sleep. They laughed and so did I. That is the kinda story you hear about from other people. But would never expect to happen to you. I killed myself laughing. They commented on the fact that Ryder's logic was very sound. And they were impressed he didnt convince me to marry him. He was very convincing. And at least I'd know he loves me. But I'm very happy to be his Aunt. I love that kid. He's so grown up now. And I love that we've been having little sessions where we lay and tell secrets to each other. It makes me very happy.
Tonite, Katie joined in on our secret sesh. I love these kids.

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