Sunday, December 13, 2009


Everyday I've come to my blog and meant to blog. Its not that I dont have things to say or talk about. I do. I just... I couldnt bring myself to put my thoughts down. Dont mistake that for me being a dedicated little studier. I just was finding other avenues on which to waste my time. But I figure that my sabbatical has lasted long enough. So here's the update - the good and the bad.

1. I come home in four days. And I have to face the deterioration of my social skills up front (friends, please prepare yourselves).

2. I lost seven pounds since last I weighed. But I'm pretty sure thats seven pounds of muscle that has deteriorated and been replaced by fat. Guess I will need to re-ignite my exercise fervor when I get home.

3. I have one test left that requires studying (two officially). I cannot bring myself to focus and study for it.

4. I've decided that I am not gonna worry about certain unnamed people. Tho I havent actually put this into practice yet.

5. I'm excited to see my home again at Christmas. Despite the fact that I know I will end up decorating when I come home cause it hasnt been done yet.

6. The dental crew has kept me well fed. With dinners and waffles. They are champions and definitely too good to me.

7. I look like a dedicated student. But I'm actually a slacker.

8. A missionary in John's ward asked him to get my address so he can write me. I cant remember if he's cute or not - all I see is a name tag (tho John tells me he's super funny and cool).

9. I talked to my APEX dentist and she sounds super nice. But I have to start work January 4th.

10. I mailed home presents for Christmas. But will have to wrap them when I return home (and I'm not feeling that).

11. David Alan put up videos of Ryder and Katie, that I loved. But I worry they wont adore me when I come home. I've been spoiled playing with Aiden and Abby (John and Tamsen's kids) cause they kinda love me.

I know I've been sounding super whiney lately. My bad. I'm working on it.

Love Missy


Bi-Ped said...

HA! What an excellent return to blogging! I totally feel a part of your life again! Yipee!
Also: Your whole intro paragraph is so me. I also rarely blog, but not because I have neither the time nor the subject matter. In fact, I have both, yet I still refuse to blog. Odd...

amy said...

I'm prepared for the awkwardness. Bring it on. And I also don't believe that you are a slacker, despite what you say...

Cathy said...

1. Melissa you know your social skills will be right up to par for me.
2. I’ve been starving myself and not losing weight, what the heck. I fully support an adamant return to exercise over Christmas! Please?!
3. Just study, just do it. You got this!
4. Put it into practice. It’s for only your own good.
5. I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO COME HOME!!! AHHHHHH And can I help you decorate?? I love Christmas.
6. I’ve been surviving on Christmas party dinners and Wendy’s. It has been great.
7. I want a plaid, flannel shirt like yours. I love it. Thrift run over Christmas?
8. If Jon’s telling you he’s super cool and funny... he may not be that good looking... just saying. It could go either way.
9. As long as you start after my birthday. That’s all that really matters.
10. I love wrapping presents. It’s a gift. (pun intended)
11. They’ll take some warming up and smoothing over but I know you’ve got what it takes to win them back.

I love love love and expect your A game for the next month so don't forget to pack it!

lauren said...


that's so exciting you get to come home for the holidays! will you come visit edmonton? i think we should be real friends! ha.
also, i love living with cathy. its only been a week, and i love love love it.
so, PLEASE come visit us!!

Bonnie said...

MELISSA - yes i meant to put your name in capital letters. i too have been lacking in my social skills department (as per usual) - so maybe we can practice on each other. yeah?

Melissa said...

Bonnie! Where have you been!? I miss you. And yes. We will practice with each other.

Deidre said...

I missed your posts. I did think you were stressed and studying though. Enjoy your freedom!!