Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Take a Drive

Let me set the scene.
I went to bed after three yesterday.
I know. Stupid.
Especially since I needed to be at work between 8 and 9:30am.
Clearly I'm always closer to 9:30 than 8.
But today I woke up tired.
Not just a little tired.
Alot tired.
I contemplated staying in bed and just not going.
But I definitely knew that wasnt gonna go over well.
So I dragged myself out of bed.
And left a couple minutes later than usual.
I hopped in the red car.
After the first two days of me working, Ben vetoed driving me to work anymore.
What can I say? Sometimes I like a morning chauffeur.
But sadly now I drive myself.
So I'm driving the red car.
It is ghetto since having been in my possession Year Four.
Josh trashed it. Ben trashed it. And Lindsay crashed it.
So I go to turn onto University Drive.
And suddenly the car is not working.
Yup. Bad boy stalled.
Turning Left.
I put my hazards on. Cause I was in the freaking middle of the road.
Popped it into neutral and restarted it.
My car is an automatic.
Are you freaking kidding me.
I call Ben and he informs me of three things.
1. When low on gas the car stalls... when turning left.
2. The gas gage doesnt work slash gage how much gas is in the car.
3. The problem occurred when Lindsay crashed the car into a snow bank last year.
Stalling and feeling the car give out is annoying.
This made my drive annoying.
Stupid red car.

But yesterday I bought a new pair of scrubs. Cause P.S. I only brought one pair to AB. Yup... I'm disgusting and have been wearing the same pair of navy scrubs everyday. Pauline (my doctor) just thought I owned alot of Navy scrubs. Ha. Nope.
Pauline was shocked today to discover I only bought the one pair. Cause I ran into her whilst shopping for them and it came out I've been wearing one pair. Alaya's mom picked them out for me. It was kinda great. Though I've come to the conclusion that all scrub tops are awkward on me. I dislike that. I just wanna wear a t-shirt. Is that too much to ask?


Erika said...

I came to the conclusion that you are going to be a super cute dentist.


Royall said...

Awww you look so cute in your scrubs. P.S. You need to buy some with tooth fairies on them.

Amit and Heather said...

I love the scrubs!! You keep looking this good and you'll be bringing in lots of male patients!

Cathy said...

You just gotta find the right top and you'll love it forever. The maternity top pants are my favourite. Yeah I said it.

Linz said...

i guess mom didn't tell you that the guys at Tom and Gerry's informed her that those cars are prone to doing that! who knew! and ps you crashed my car too! oh and Deb did an awesome job w/ the scrubs!

Linz said...

oh and I told you that it did that to me before I left and why! you should listen to me more not just treat it like white noise!

Melissa said...

Nice try Linz. But somehow you crashing into a snow bank and my banking into a fire hydrant are not the same in my mind. Not even close. I broke a bumper. You broke the gas gage, left turning and a bumper.

And thanks all... I try? Crap I do.