Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dallin planned a great date.
Its finished now so I can honestly say that. And yes... it was epically long. Aka started at 3:30 pm.
The date had many parts. I'll try to do them justice.


How brilliant. 
I do have this love of skating. It brings me back to Year One, when I used to go skating with Matt and Royall all the time. I always liked skating. And third wheeling.
Though I must admit... my skates today were much too small. To the point where, when I took them off, I felt quite crippled. But it was worth it. 

So we were supposed to do something (Part III) else at this junction of time. But well... it got postponed an hour and a half. So we tried to think of something to do. We had run to each of our respective houses to change (and while at mine Dal played the piano as per usual). But then Dal had a brilliant idea. I was close to finishing a book so he suggested we go to my house and read. Yup. On a date. We went and read books. He read a school book. I read a teeny bopper book. We're quite the pair. 

We met up with Kortney Sauer and Dusty Orr to go Rock Climbing at the U of L. 
Dal and I had changed into sweats cause we figured Kort and Dusty would be H-core and wear sweats. We called that wrong. But really... climbing in jeans... how uncomfortable. 

And yes. I smile like a child sometimes. It is great.

So Kortney was on the wall. Her arms were tired. And she wanted to come down. But Dusty thought she should keep trying. So they rock paper scissored in Chinese to see whose opinion they would go with. Kortney won. And it was really cute.

Dal and I changed again and went to go eat. Our option: East Side Marios. Good times. Especially since I was starvation. 

We decided after the food the date was officially over. But seeing as I'm kinda a picture whore, I couldnt let the date be over without a final photo. Yup... I made him take pictures. They are awesome.
No captions necessary.
Also, as we travelled back to the West side, my lack of temperature control became rampant.
Chivalrous boy that he is, Dallin took off his sweater to let me wear it.

So the date was over. But the night was young. So we went back to Dal's house. He had dropped a N64 Mario Kart challenge. And I never back down from a challenge. Sadly he did beat me. Yoshi was giving me no love today. But as we were playing we talked about old video games we each used to play. And I admitted my love of Mario. Seriously hours were spent playing the N64 Mario game. But we both came to the agreement that the best Mario game is the Super Nintendo version of Super Mario World. And please... dont even pretend to disagree. You know its true. In the middle of the conversation Dal paused momentarily to run into another room. When he returned he carried the infamous Super Nintendo... Super Mario World cartridge ready to go. My excitement could not be contained. Cause lets be real, I've been wanting to play that game for a long while. I had a small melt down when I discovered that while my family owns the Super Nintendo and the game, my brothers sold all our controllers off. So was I interested in playing? H yes. 

Dodgy wires couldnt keep us away from playing this game.
As it turns out... I dont have a lot of Mario skills left.
Ya... I'm uber rusty. 
Dal on the other hand... its like he never stopped playing.
Which legitimately might be true.
Just kidding.
Probably not?
We did work our way through a fair amount of the game tho.
And I'm pretty sure while he does school this week,  I may take another crack at it.
Yup. I'm a nerd. I kinda like it.


noelle said...

super nintendo. super mario world. my life as an 11 year old. I LOVE IT!!!! kudos.

Bonnie said...

oh melissa - cute cute post on this date. sounds like he did well.

amy said...

is Dal a gem or what?

Erika said...

Great date!!!

I approve of this boy...

Lana Dawn said...

i'm not even mad that you went on a 6 part date.

only impressed.

Royall said...

I feel like going skating, you know I think I have only gone twice since the good old days? Also I have to respectfully disagree- Mario Cart on Super Nintendo is the best game (also the only game I could beat Jordan and Colton at, maybe that's not a coincidence?), then TMNT, and then Super Mario World.

Linz said...

too cute! tell Dal good job! I really like the picture from the skating rink!! you have to admit that the super nintendo for wii that Ryd has is pretty good as super nintendo knock-offs go tho!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

As bad as it hurts me to say this (and I know you don't need my permission or anything) I'm going to say it anyway.

I approve.