Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dec. 29 - Scottie Too Hottie

Scottie Too Hottie.
It was his birthday and Bonnie being the wonderful sister that she is, decided to make sure his birthday was well celebrated.
She and Scott sent out mass texts.
And prepared their house.
Scott refused to let me come help them clean :(  I can be useful Scott, I promise.
But eventually I was allowed over and helped prepare the food.
Yup... you can always count on the Leishmans to incorporate food. Its awesome.
Caesar chicken wraps and fruit platters.
We played games.
Drawing games. This lovely picture of Scott came out.
And we played werewolf. Trent and I destroyed. Despite the fact that I kept getting accused. We won as lovers. It was great.
And we played "He said She said"... funny game.

And there was ice cream cake.
Its not a birthday without DQ ice cream cakes.
And Scottie showed off his mad cake cutting skills.

I love my friends. I really do.

And we did a little New Years party planning. Complete with rating the attractiveness of our guests. Hahahha... Our list was selective. We vetoed a few people (cough Ben cough). It was great. And New Years promised to be amazing. More on that to come...

But more about Scott. Seriously. Scott is amazing. He's hilarious. A real dry wit. And he's become one of my favorite people. I hope some girl comes along and woo's him. Cause there is no one who deserves that kind of happiness more. So Happy Birthday Scott.


Erika said...


I agree.. DQ ice cream cakes are crucial when it comes to birthdays... or any other "special occasion"

amy said...

sad I missed this little event too...also...we need to plan Waterton again. SOON.

Scott said...

Oh thank you everyone. So kind. And I agree, let's go to Waterton and go out on the lake after it's frozen.