Sunday, October 31, 2010

Despite the Best of Intentions, All I Can Do is Evil. And Soon, And Soon, I Stop Intending

I lament myself,

And the ruin I bring.

If destruction is evil,

Then evil is me.

But not in intention,

Nor love to do wrong.

I'd do good if I could,

But I don't know how.

I destroy what I touch,

And hurt those who love.

Then burden the burdened,

And crush others hope.

No tear nor regret,

Burdens my mind.

But I mourn myself,

And my effect on mankind.

Despite what's intended,

It's evil I sow.

I soon stop intending,

And intend good no more.

- Ben Lowry

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Alaya said...

Your brother is kind of an amazing person. He gave a talk in church yesterday. It was great. And I don't mean great in the sweet-valley-girl way. I mean it was GREAT, the way the word was intended to be used. It was something to behold. Insightful, captivating.