Friday, October 15, 2010

80s Everyday

 Apparently the combo of my hair and my outfit were screaming 80s love today. At least thats what multiple classmates told me. What can I say? I was born to rock the 80s. 


Court J said...

Rock it girlfriend!
That's a real nice outfit.
I like the sock/sandal combo!

Amber Rose said...

Ha! (:

Royall said...

Our hair would easily have made us the coolest girls in the 80s. Back then we wouldn't have had to worry about taming the frizz either!

And you are welcome to come play on the acreage anytime- I think it is within 100 km of Lethbridge so it will be easier to get together. But I would be afraid to bring you on one of Dad's adventures- mostly because they're enough to push a "normal" person beyond their mental/physical limits and because occasionally they are life threatening.

Royall said...

That's my disclaimer- but you are still welcome to join.

Cathy said...

i love the 80s. i love you. nough said.