Friday, October 29, 2010

Costume Time

I took today off school. I'm a rebel like that. 
And needed some me time. (Read: Sleeping till 3pm time)
As such I spent a very long time getting ready for Halloween.
You know whats the bane of my Halloween?
Fake eyelashes. They are the death of me.
But so pretty.
I will admit... this isnt the most hardcore costume I've ever done.
But I felt like being cute this year.
Try not to hold it against me.
And please love my high waisted pants... and my shirt. 
Is it weird to want to do my hair, makeup and my Halloween outfit again in a non-Halloween setting?
I guess that just goes to show how less than out of the box it is. 
The plan for tonite?
I'm going to a party.
Its probably gonna be awkward. 
But so is the majority of my social interactions.

Wish me luck!


Michelle said...

hahahaha I love the last 4 sentences of this post. I feel your pain. Also...I'm a fan of yoru costume.

ashley in wonderland said...

you looked SOOO cute. I love the high-waisted pants. You rocked it.