Tuesday, October 26, 2010

That Time I Was Blonde

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Halloween with an intensity. As such, I spend weeks preparing for the Halloweentastic event. I often think of an idea and then try to make it a reality. I dont care that I dont really have anything to do this year. It just wouldnt be right if I didnt dress up. I love the feeling of personifying something that you're not. And I think that making/finding stuff to complete your costume is rather cathartic. I was a grumpy gus yesterday, but I decided I needed to try to find a few things I'm missing for doing my Halloween makeup. And just wandering isles and trying to decide exactly what I wanted to do made me feel better. I love seeing other people dressed up. And I love being dressed up.

I also have a few rules for making Halloween a success:
1. Go Hardcore or Go Home - Dude. The reason people feel stupid dressing up is because they havent committed enough. Because being semi-dressed up just isnt fun.
2. Make Sure Sugar is Your Middle Name - Halloween is salvation in my books since candy is always on hand. If its not too sacrilegious I might make candy my new religion...
3. TAKE PICTURES - I cant stress enough the fact that looking at my costume - and others - after the fact is legit half the reason I dress up. Halloween is such a photo friendly night. No need to feel awkward being uber camera happy. Its totally brilliant. And results in a well documented excursion.
4. Be the costume - the funnest times I've had whilst dressed up were when I completely embodied my costume. I look back and all I can remember is how much fun I had and how ridiculous I was. But I loved every second of it!

So cross your fingers that this years costume works out how I want it to. (I'll also accept another round of guesses as to what you think I'm being this year... Though my above pictures arent actually relevant... haha)

And for a flashback of Halloweens' past (or random dress-up days)

Oh grade 12. Back in the prime. I wish I had a better picture on hand - one where my hair was humungous. But sadly this one of me and my besties will have to suffice. 
(And no it wasnt actually 94) 
What are we?
Shame on you for asking...
Just kidding.
Alanna is a hooker - yup... a bona-fide, stuffed her bra with every air pad we could find, high leather boots whore.
Janice and I were 80s - my sweatshirt said SPEA - which I decided stood for Super Perfect Eighties Attitude.
And Mandy was the cutest bumblebee you ever saw.

 I had a hideously weird roommate my 4th year of university. The benefit of it? Sometimes she would dress me up in ridiculous get-ups for FHE Halloween.

I'm not sure anything could top Year 2.
The gypsy was clutch! As was Petey's LA thug-life.

Though its a tough call... Cause I really REALLY liked being a mermaid.

 That one time Cathy and I were in Calgary.
Oh just a typical Friday night. Went to one of Cathy's classmates houses to stay over. Got dressed up in Kimono's. Proceeded to have a battle royale. The usual.

Dressing up is also good for dates.
Like embodying a (mini)golf pro via Value Village.

Breakfestivus for the Restivus!
So my friends and I made hats at one of our Breakfestivus'. Nobigdeal.

 That time where I started out as a hot bum.
 And became the real deal as the night progressed.
And yes I made that face throughout the entire night. And no it wasnt pretty.
I still cringe at the pictures.



Royall said...

argh! Your post is making me feel super guilty about not dressing up this year- some friends were going to have a party but it was cancelled so I don't have any Halloween-ish plans. At least Jonas will get dressed up. And I agree that full-out costume is the only way to do Halloween. I still cringe at our YSA Halloween fiasco- if people can't guess what you're dressed up as you didn't do your job!

Stefanie said...

ummm... I just kept looking for your mermaid costume.... which i think topped all your costumes!

Pete said...

Yesss! I made the blog! I remember pretty much all of those costumes. Good times, indeed. I was so gangsta.

lurel said...

I'm 100% with you. People feel awkward because they slack off and just look lame. If you're going to dress up, make it worth it and go all out and you'll just look awesome- or at least be confident enough to pull off a lame attempt and don't just sit around being even more lame.

Taren said...

I couldn't agree more. Go big or go home! Halloween never lives up to its expectations for me... I just hold on to the idea that it could be SO GREAT.