Sunday, October 17, 2010

Boston Firefighters Local 10K

This 10K came with a completely different feeling than the last.
I think mostly because I felt like my running has been less than stellar lately. 
So while I wasnt nervous so much about the race, I was nervous about my ability to run.
Cause running hates me. And lately the feeling has been mutual.
But I was determined. I would run the entire 6.2 if it killed me - which I was fairly certain it would.

Dee, Lucinda and I apparently signed up one right after each other during class. Hence the numbers.

Dee, Me, Lucinda, Chelsea
The run was going alright tho - pretty flat for the most part. I mean I was tired but making better time than I'd anticipated. That is until I hit the Mile 4 marker. That was when my body decided it had had enough running and wanted to stop. But I kept going. We ran on the road and I kept thinking that I was closer than I was. Turns out I wasnt super observant on the loop out, so I kept getting tricked into thinking I was further along than I was. Which made for a long run. I legitimately wanted to stop running, but I pushed through (and cursed a few times for good measure). A slow run is still a run tho. And I'm glad I kept going. I even beat my time from the last 10K - 66 mins Booya! Even though this run hurt more to run (due to my waning consistency), I do realize that I'm making some progress - even if it doesnt feel like it. Running a little faster than I ran before and that sort of thing.



Royall said...

Woot! Woot! for progress. My runs likewise have been less than stellar the past three weeks but at least we're still running! And this is a new week so we can start picking it up more.

Kate Weber said...

I'm impressed. I'm not a runner at all!

I'm new to your blog! Loving it! Can't wait to read more!

K's said...

Good job pushing through! I'm so proud of you! I ran most of my 5k today in the snow and leaves and relieved - no wipeout!