Sunday, September 19, 2010

10 K What?


Yessurrey - I just finished my 10K. And let me tell you... it had a lot more hills than I ever run with. Lucinda and Dee had told me it had rolling hills that you hardly noticed... which was a lie. I straight up asked Dee - "If these are rolling hills, what the heck are real hills?" But even with the addition of the hills I think it went well. It was a run along the shoreline - which I suppose was slightly wasted on me, since I stare at the floor almost the entire time I run... But I looked up every now and then to see waves crashing against the rocks. Plus ocean breeze - pretty clutch. I definitely had to do some mental pep talks to keep running (pretty much the entire way) and my legs were dead by Mile 5. But I made it! And to add to that - back in Edmonton (3 years ago) I ran a 10K in an hour fifteen... welp... I beat my time: 1:08:54. Yes I'm slow. But a win is a win. I am already sore and tired though. Yay for victories.


We took a quick gander at the beach we started our  run from (and no, we didnt have to run on sand - That would be HORRIBLE). Gorgeous beach.


Royall said...

You got to run beside that? Beautiful! and yay 6 weeks closer to our triathlon, and you little miss I-can-train-for-a-hilly 10K in 6 weeks have nothing to worry about!

brock + amy said...

Way to go! It's so cold here...I want to play at a beach!

mlesueur said...

Yay for you! Glad you found my blog. We should be friends more :)