Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WICKED! (Its Wicked)

This was amazing!
Seriously. I mean I had fairly high expectations (since I love plays and musicals) and have heard such good things about it. But honestly - this blew my expectations out of the water. The music was brilliant. And it was actually super funny. I've read the book (which was so-so if you were wondering), and the end of the play was a little different from the book. But the change was for the better. Believe you me. I love plays so much. I could go to a play everyday and be completely blissful. Its amazing. It really and truly is. I am just amazed by the talent and ability of these performers. And after the craziness of my life lately (cause yes, I whored myself out all day today for Perio assists and had a crazy Ortho exam) - this was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate my spirits. I just feel happy. Which has been kinda fleeting lately. This moment probably wont last. But I thought I ought to revel in it, even if its just for the moment. 

P.S. I totally went rebel to get all these pictures in the Opera House. Cause photos are a no-no. What can I say... I live on the edge. 

And dont even worry about it... I bought a t-shirt.
I loved this play!


Kaleb said...

Isn't it an amazing Play. I saw it last year in San Francisco and LOVED IT.
I have read the first book but I will say that I enjoyed the play a lot more.

Royall said...

Okay that is the BEST t-shirt ever!

Alaya said...

There could noit be a moment in time where I am more jealous of you.

Melissa said...

I definitely liked the play so much more than that book. No contest!

Dani said...

OH Melissa, I can't tell you how much I too LOVED that musical! I'm so glad you can relate, AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING. (don't bother with the book, definately a let down)
p.s. not going to lie, I'm super jealous of you shirt!