Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tortilla Shell Pizza

So easy. So quick. So delicious.
I am a big fan of tortillas. Mostly cause I love cheese quesadillas (and the easiness to deliciousness factor). 
But I decided to branch out tonite on a whim. 
And it actually turned out pretty fantastic.
I used ranch dressing as the "sauce", tossed on some pepperoni lunch meat, green peppers, tomato and cheese. And viola! Fantastic meal in literally under five minutes. 
Mm... so good. Best whim ever.


Tamsen said...

They are delicious, my mom used to make them for us regularly, only we've always used salsa for the sauce and nacho topping type toppings. Thanks for reminding me that they exist:)

Julie said...

oh great idea! i always buy the tortillas with 10 in them, and find i always throw away like 4 of them. i love this idea! thanks

Royall said...

I forgot about tortilla pizzas. I use to make a Hawaiian version of them back in the newly wed days. I'm really craving one now!