Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lets Runaway You and I

I get nervous when I try new things.
I know intuitively that its ridiculous.
I know that I shouldnt be such a baby about it.
But I persist.
I'm all anxiety and sugar (cause I cope with anxiety with sugar obviously).
This week has been a bit of a crap shoot.
I got a cold and pretty much was useless Thursday and Friday.
Have I mentioned what a wussy sick person I am?
Its rather pathetic.
My good consistent running was a no go - in fact instead of running I took three naps on Friday. 
And clinic has just been kicking my butt - despite that I havent really had any appointments this week.
Its apparently the thought that counts.
Stupid clinic thoughts.
And as a reward for my lazy bones, what am I doing today?
Oh - just going kayaking slash camping and vetoing studying.
Oral Path what?
Turns out I will be trying to re-dedicate myself to life on Monday.
Next week is gonna suck!

1 comment:

Royall said...

Hey you need a recovery week after running your 10K silly! I took a couple days off from running to take a break too this week. We'll be consistent again come Monday!