Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis' The Season

To mention how Halloween is only the GREATEST holiday of all time. Want a great holiday? I'll give you the check list.

1. Make candy a major focus. Seriously could you be winning me over anymore? I think not.
2. Allow dressing up. Who doesnt love getting to be some alter ego you have lurking in the back of your head one night a year? I freaking love dressing up. I love how I come up with an idea and then make it real. And I love when it works out how you envisioned it. Dressing up. It is the bomb. Cause who doesnt love showing off how creative they are?
3. Have pumpkin pie a staple. MMm... I will take love in the form of pumpkin pie please.
4. Involve a time where strangers get to oo and ah in a not creepy way. Strangers wanna give love too. And Halloween is the perfect time for them to show it. Via Candy. Stranger Danger? It doesnt exist on Halloween!
5. Require only a love of fun. Seriously - how much fun is Halloween? So much fun.

So if I could, I would show you all pictures of every year I ever dressed up for Halloween (but I was camera retarded back in the day) :( So sadly the last four years of my life will have to suffice.

This was the year I realized that if you arent gonna go hardcore you are not having as much fun as everyone around you. I was super lame this year. I went from Grade 12 dressing totally awesome 80's to this. Even now when I look back I shake my head at how lame I was. All four of us roommates were in love with Austin Powers movies that year (and I have no idea why) and we wanted to be go-go 70's inspired girls for Halloween. Clearly Royall and I didnt quite make that happen. I blame it on the fact that I didnt just happen to have any purple/pink spandex pants lying around. And seriously why am I making such a seduction face in this photo.
Its a bit much.

Enter the year of the gypsy.
Anyone who knows any of my family dynamic knows that in my first year of University my brothers (and I mean that in the broad "all the boys living at my house" sense) decided I was a gypsy. They saw one picture of me that reminded them of a gypsy. And it kinda stuck. They tried to have Ryder learn to call me gypsy (which totally failed! HA).
So of course I had to be a gypsy for Halloween. And it was pretty spot on if you ask me.

Yup. Thats right. I was a bum. A straight up, picking through your trash, bum.
And it quite possibly was one of the funnest costumes I've done. Probably cause I thought it was hilarious.
Best comment from someone about my costume:
"Melissa. You are a cute girl. Why would you do this to yourself?"
Favorite find from this costume:
My hobo sweater. I wear it to study all the time.
Dont worry I washed it.

La la la... Mermaid.
This one was another personal favorite.
And yes... if you look closely my "fins" combined with the floor are pulling my pants down. Pretty sure I flashed someone.
Hence the face.
I spent the whole nite batting my eyelashes and singing ridiculous nothing songs.
It was awesome.

And this year?
You will just have to wait and see what I've come up with.
I love Halloween!


Lauren said...

You just mentioned pumpkin pie.

I now need pumpkin pie.

Royall said...

We were totally halloween slackers that year. And here I am yet again pulling a costume together at the last minute (though as usual I have been thinking about it for over a month- it's just the action part that gets me). I think just about thing can top that year though so I am improving!

.Ang. said...

I love your number 4 reason why halloween is AWESOME!!!

Can't wait to see what you came up with for a costume this year.

I'm stumped... I might just be a pedestrian again...

julied said...

hahahahaha i LOVE the bum picture.laughed outloud at that one! you made a great bum...and were those the ''ghetto'' sweats? still rockin em eh? haha. make sure you take pictures this year so i can have another good laugh

Cathy said...

Melissa, stranger danger should never be thrown out the door - especially on Halloween! That's when the super creeps are in their element the most! How do you identify your potential stalker/rapist?? He could be behind any mask?! And if he gets away? What do you tell the cops, it was Snoopy! Try pickin him out of a lineup!
But it's true, strangers just wanna share the love.

Vanessa said...

ok so i LOVE this post and i especially love the one from the year when we were living together... that was a really sweet costume... i think the best part that year was when either you or cortney layed in front of the elevator and hit the button for when people would be on it, and they totally thought you were a real bum! hahaha

lauren said...

my sister in law, dani, is in that first photo! sweet!
and i remember when you girls dressed up as mermaids. i loved that!
i'm excited to see what you are this year!!