Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love of the Moment

1. Pandora Radio
Hello beautiful music.
You create random stations that play a collection of music thats similar to the band or song I initially typed in. You let me find new artists and songs to fall in love with. You make it so my iPod is always fully stocked. I am in love.
Sadly you arent very friendly to your neighbour up North.
Yup, sad fact - Pandora hates Canada.
So you might want to find yourself a zip code before you check this one out.

2. Something To Tame The Girls
(ae Ruffle Tankini)
Like most girls, I'm completely racist against swim suits.
I hate them.
But this little one looks like it could potentially be awesome.
Cause lets be serious, far too many swim suits are all about the cleavage.
Which is super awkward (dont lie you think so too).
Only the super flat look good with cleavage.
There I said it.

Don't agree? Fight me.

3. Other People's Romances
If there is anyway I can live vicariously through someone else's love life...
oh I will do it in a heart beat.
Wanna share your happily ever after? I will totally stalk that.
Call me nosy. I just dont give a care.
I call it educational.

Plus, dont pretend you arent wanting to shove your fairy tale romance in someone's face.
I will be that face.
I'm a team player. Take one for the team. That sort.

4. Owl City
Bonnie. You are the greatest for introducing me to these guys.
And yes, I have a Pandora "Owl City" Station.

Dont believe? Take a listen.
You wont regret.

5. Blousy Polka-dots
(Anthro Vermillion Acres Tunic)
P.S. who knew Polka dots was spelled that way.
I say it Poke - a - dot... apparently that is wrong.
This blousy number. Tell me you dont love it.
I love everything about it.
It just looks so freaking romantic with its wispy sleeves and longer in the back body.
I dont know that I could necessarily pull it off...
But boy would I want to.

6. Gorgeous Scenery
New England in the fall.
Its supposed to be the most breath taking time to be here.
Have I personally seen any of it?
Sadly I dont leave my cute little two block radius in the city.
But that doesnt mean I dont appreciate it.

7. Darling Flats
(J. Crew Colleen Rose Flats)
Big flowers seem to be all the rage.
And well, I'm susceptible as anyone to the range of mass media telling me this is adorable.
Ok fine world. Its adorable. In all its forms.
Though lately I'm hating on shoes.
The only shoes that never let me down are my KVD Vans.

They fit like a glove. Not too big. Not too small.
I guess thats what happens when I can actually order my size (9.5).
Stupid companies that sell only even numbers. Hate you.

8. NBC's Community
Havent heard of this little gem? Shame on you.
Its ridiculously funny.
I'd have to say that in general I've been pretty disappointed with the tv this year.
Maybe I've changed? More likely, the story lines are weak and the writers not as sharp as they used to be.
But witty banter. Oh... Gets me every time.

If you like funny, you will like Community.
Its completely absurd. But I love it.

9. Hello Best Sweat Capris Of My Life
(Lulu Crop)
Seriously, you cannot go wrong with Sweat capris. Ya just cant.
These particular ones are a great length.
A little longer than typical bermuda shorts but not quite capri length.
Plus these have a secret hidden pocket in the front waist band - which I maintain is better than the stupid zippered pockets that are usually put on the back below the waist band.

Why is it better you ask? Good question you.
Lets do a little comparison.
Say you are running. And hate carrying your keys. And dont support being locked out,
therefore you have to bring your keys. Sound familiar?
Well back zip waist band pocket - has your keys bouncing all over the place. Mostly cause the keys are below the waist band and not securely compressed into your body. I hate the sound of jingling keys as I run. I hate knowing that as I run towards people they can hear me approaching. I'm all about the sneak attacks.
Which brings me to why the front hidden waist band pocket is amazing.
Those keys get tucked right close to your body. No jingling keys. Perfect sneak attack capris.
Dont lie. You'll realise how great they are now that I've mentioned it.
You're welcome.

10. Ben Folds
Why did I used to be so racist against him?
I liked Ben Folds Five (a band he was in). But whenever anyone brought up Ben Folds,
I would cringe and recall not liking him.
Though I'm starting to realize that I may have completely fabricated that memory of not liking him.
Cause boy do I. Like him that is.
This video is aight.
Mouths dont always match the music.
But I like it.

11. ... ... ...
Is this picture displaying my new found romantic love?
Love the glasses right? Picturing his pocket protector?
He's displaying my love of sleeping.
If I have a spare moment I usually fill it with sleeping. Heck, even if I dont have a spare moment.
My classmates have started to wonder if I'm narcoleptic when I tell sleeping stories.
I just really love sleeping.

12. Hooded Jacket
(Urban Outfitters Hooded Dress Coat)
Can I mention how much I love your nipped in waist? Cause I do.
And your hood? With its "red-riding-hood-esqe" feel... mmm.

Whats your latest love of the moment?
Leave me a comment and let me know.


amy said...

I love all these things. that hoodie is adorable! and Owl City? great.

Bonnie said...

such a great post - i wanna go shopping now. i'd say we have very similar tastes! and if you wanna send any gems from pandora my way - please do so!

Bi-Ped said...

Wow. You sure are getting girlier Melissa. Pink ruffly shirt with pink flats that have a big flower on the top? Don't get me wrong, love the shoes, but wow. Girly.

I am in love with home-cooked meals. And fantasy shopping. I wish I could actually go shopping, but for now I'll just have to be content with daydreaming about it.

Melissa said...

B- I probably shoulda mentioned online window shopping as another love.