Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Is What I Think Tonite

- Lately I've been really tired. So tired I am in physical pain. Physical pain being awake. Its ridiculous. And I've lost the uncanny ability to sleep comfortably and soundly during class. So I sit there, physically in pain I'm so tired. And sleeping during the night isnt going great. So I'm just really tired.

- My dental crew has started having "family dinners" once a week. Once a week somebody has everyone over and we have a classic dinner. The food is amazing. The dental crew (which includes the significant others) are hilarious. Its become one of my favorite times of the week. And everyday I am so freaking grateful for the dental friends.

- I'm trying to wrap my head around the pressure I feel at school. Boards, practicals, written tests, procedures, skill sets. Today it felt like too much. But I just stayed and practiced for my practical tomorrow. And came home and ran, even though I didnt feel like it. I guess thats life. Sometimes doing things even though you dont want to.

- I've been thinking about priorities. Since watching conference, I've been trying to re-align my priorities again. Sometimes I feel like thats all I do. But can I talk about how amazing conference was? It was powerful. Really really powerful.

- I miss the Chiropractor. And getting massages. And the kink in my neck keeps reminding me.

- My sniffer has been randomly smelling weird things. Only for a brief moment, but they are weird smells. When I went to start drilling today all the sudden I smelt cadavers. When I walked home I smelt acrylic. While I was running I smelt sulfur. Boston smells strange.

- Its supposed to rain in Connecticut this weekend so Sheila might just go to watch her friend run the marathon. Which would mean she wouldnt even go home at all. Which would mean no apple festival or thanksgiving. And in that case I dont think I'd come with. I'm a wimp when it comes to sitting in the rain. Its unfortunate but oh well.

- That my head hurts and I'm tired. Too tired to concentrate. Too tired to focus. Hopefully tomorrow is better.


Lana Dawn said...


i love this.

just thoughts. i know i have millions of journal entries or just pieces of papers on it with things like this.

i'm glad you share it

Bonnie said...

i hope i never know what it means to be unable to sleep in class.....hope you have a good weekend whatever you do! love and miss you!