Thursday, October 29, 2009

Home teach

Remember Austin and Ethan? My home teachers? Well I finally got to meet the two of them the other day. It was a brief interaction but it left me rather impressed.

Lets start with the fact that they were late, which I know sounds bad but they called me to let me know. Good work boys. Seriously, boys that are going to be late and dont call... hideous. So I liked that they valued my time enough to not keep me waiting for them to show up when they were gonna be late.

Now they came in, introduced themselves and we did the classic small talk. But they didnt draw it out. Thats definitely one of my favorite things. When the meet and greet part was over they didnt try to make it last longer. It didnt feel forced. It didnt feel awkward. It was awesome.

But I think the best part was the lesson. It was short and sweet. To the point. And had a good message. They shared the responsibility. And they spoke from the heart. Sincerity. There is nothing better. And thats really all it took.

They're cute kids. And seeing as I've never really had consistent home teachers before it was kinda nice. Oh ok... and they're cute. In the looks sense hahah - thanks Elders Quorum for hooking a girl up. If I have to meet once a month I appreciate them not being hard on the eyes.

Am I right or am I right.


Bonnie said...

kinda jealous right now actually - wish my hometeachers were cute..... any potential for a fling?

Cathy said...

My home teacher is DG. 'nough said.

amy said...

I wish I had hometeachers period. But when that day comes, I would appreciate a pair of lookers. And since when did Cathy blog?

Melissa said...

I honestly think this is the first time Cathy has looked at my blog of her own accord. I should take a picture of the computer screen to memorialize it.

Deidre said...

Glad to know things worked out. I was a little worried after that e-mail. :)

Cathy said...

I resent that Melissa, this is the first time I have commented, but not the first time I have visitted! But take a picture, it's still momentous.