Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Connect-e-cut Here I Come

Well folks. I am a lucky girl. Why you ask? Cause my roommate Sheila is awesome. I'll give you a few hints as to why.

She embraces Canadian holidays. And when her mother scoffs at the idea of her doing a turkey for Canadian thanksgiving, the Kelly family graciously steps in to indulge the whimsey of one Canadian far away from home. Thats right folks. Sheila's family is doing Canadian thanksgiving. I might make them honorary Canadians after this weekend.

Whats this you ask? A mountain of apples? A farmers market? No silly's... that would be the Apple Harvest Festival Sheila is going to take me to.

Yup... apparently Connecticut is this magical place where they have Apple Festivals - oh this is going to put the Taber Cornfest to shame. I mean apples... SO MUCH better than icky corn. And their apple fritters apparently drive house wives to fist fights. Am I going to gorge myself? Absolutely... would you expect anything less? I dont think so.

Sheila probably doesnt even know but it is secretly one of my future goals to run a marathon. Clearly I'm not there myself. But she has a friend who's running in one and we are gonna go cheer him on. Do I want to see someone run a marathon? Heck yes I do. If I plan on doing this someday I'd like to see first hand what its all about. And it'd only be a slight bonus if I watch someone collapse of exhaustion. And her friend picked out a spot where we can see him twice while he's running... I'm hoping we make signs. For real... Sheila I love signs.

Connecticut. What a strange land. I had to ask Sheila where it is. Apparently I have a horrible sense of geography. I'm excited for the many photo ops Connecticut will bring. And meeting Sheila's oldest friends and family... I'm rather excited. Plus there may or may not be a apple pie eating contest and a bed race involved. I like the sounds of Connecticut. Very whimsical with their bed races (seriously who knew those existed?).

What do you think?

Are you looking at the number one pie eater?
True or false: Those cheeks can hold alot.


Bonnie said...

i wish my cheeks were there with you too! they wanna go in a pie eating competition.

Linz said...

that's fantastic!! pass a hug ... an air hug if you really don't wanna give a real one ... on to Sheila and her fam!! This Canada girl is spending Thankgiving in Seattle of all places but mom and dad will b there so it works!! i miss you!!!

.Ang. said...