Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Something Exciting.

So it is official.
Both my mom and my dad are coming to see me.
Am I excited? Ya that might be an understatement.
You see, my dad has an interesting way of working sometimes.
He'll tell me something isnt happening that I want to happen.
Like when he told me my first year of university that there was no way I was going to ever have a car at school.
And then he'll get an idea in his head. And go ahead with said idea without a word to anyone else.
Like the fact that he randomly took me on a drive to show me my mom's hair dressers car to make sure I approved before he bought it for me, so I could have a car my first year of University.
Sometimes he's silly like that. But he likes things to be his idea. And I'm fine with that. It usually works in my favor anyways.

So in the summer time, when I thought of this semester, I was more than convinced that it would be a long semester spent away from the family. No coming home for Josh's farewell. And no one would have time to visit me this time around. But my dad, sneaky guy that he is, decided that instead of going to a dental conference he'd take that time to come see me. And bring my mom too. I'm sure my mom is quite pleased too.

Cause really, they are coming Novemeber 6 - 11. That is almost a week. Sadly I'll have to spend alot of our time studying. And hopefully they'll enforce that because spending time doing nothing with them is quite alluring. But my dad told me they aren't coming to distract me. They're coming to give me some extra support and feed me. :)

I like that. But for real I'm worried. Boards. Can I mention how they are looming over my head? Because they are. I suppose its time for a progress report.

This is where I'm at.

And recall that this is what needs to be done.

Bet you're feeling really happy you arent me right now.
Ya. I dont blame you.
Especially cause I know that while I've read those flash cards on the left, they are definitely not committed to memory. And I've discovered that I recognize too many words to have guessing work in my favor. Stupid word recognition. Now I just need to remember what the words mean and I'll be set.

Yikes. I just remembered how intense that whole remembering is gonna be.
Freak I'm terrified.
Is it too early to start crying?
I might go with that.


amy said...

i'm not going to lie...I'm jealous that the parents are coming to visit. I'm currently 2 1/2 hours from home and my parents don't visit me...haha. And good luck with those flash cards! No need to be modest...we all know you're a genius.

Brad said...

Hey, you're twice as far along as me.