Sunday, October 4, 2009

No Entrance

I just need to change my laundry quickly before Conference starts. Last load and then I will have all clean clothes. I'll just run quickly downstairs to the laundry in the basement. I will maybe gone a minute. Tops.

Holy the guys on the first floor are loud. Oh... Careful of the narrow stairs. Falling down would be brutal.

This laundry room is such a dungeon. Weird that the light is off in the hallway instead of over the machines where you'd actually need light. Just need to throw my laundry from the washer to the dryer, paying the eight quarter toll.

Oh, back to the stairs. Can I count going up and down these a workout? I hate stairs. Thank goodness I only live on the second floor. I better hurry. Conference will be starting soon.

I reach out my hand to turn the door knob. Locked. Quickly I remember that while I liked to leave the door unlocked while at home, my other roommates tended to lock it. And no one is home. Sheila has been MIA for a few days, and Lauren just left a few minutes before I went to change my laundry. Crap.

My phone is in the apartment. Who carries their phone to change their laundry anyways? Again, maybe I need to learn to be more attached to my phone. If I were to leave the building to try and find a phone at the school I could use, I'm not sure it would do me much good. First off, I dont know anyone's phone numbers. The laziness of having a cell phone saw to that. Secondly, if I leave and take the chance of finding say one of my classmates at school, I still dont have my roommates phone numbers. Thirdly, if I leave and dont find anyone, then not only am I locked out of my apartment but I'm also locked out of the building.

So leaving is out of the question. If only I had a credit card or some other card to slide in the door. I have a small amount of skill with opening doors with cards. Call it a well rounded elementary education. But I also dont carry my wallet when I change my laundry. I seriously need to start carrying more things with me at all times.

I have a bobby pin I found in the washer. Maybe I could pick the lock. How hard could it be to pick a lock? You just shove the end of the bobby pin in, twirl it around, try to move it this way and that. Hmm... that doesnt appear to be doing anything. Crap.

I could go ask the guys on the first floor to help me. But they are loudly watching some sort of game. I really dont want to do that. I could just wait for Sheila to come home. She is probably watching conference at the church. But conference just started. That could be more than several hours till she comes home. I really dont want to be sitting outside my door for hours. Ok fine. Its decided. I need help. Man I wish I knew someone to help me. I guess I'll see if the girls in the upstairs apartment will let me email/facebook Sheila. She gets mobile facebook updates. Maybe she'll come home and save me. Oh I hope they're home.

M: "Hi. I live in the apartment downstairs and I'm locked out."
K: "Do want to come in and wait?"

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Bonnie said...

hahaha - this would happen to you.