Monday, July 5, 2010


Things that have gone down in the last week.
Nails with the girls - Check. It was a pretty fun study present... Of course the second I left the place I had already wrecked them... Whatever tho... that foot rub was worth it. 
Three really hard exams - check. For real... hardest freaking exams ever... maybe its cause I'm tired of studying... Actually its probably that... but they were just sucky exams... :( Oh well. I probably didnt fail... Turns out... C's still get degrees... even in dental school :(
Studying multiple hours - check. And then some.
Losing our first softball game - sad check. (Coincidentally we lost to a bunch of jerks... one of them slid and nailed one of the girls on our team and then walked away without so much as a mumbled apology and proceeded to talk smack with his team... this is a "just for fun" league. He and his team were a bit much)
Studying at the beach - check check (and by studying I mean... flipping through a couple flash cards and quizzing people for like ten minutes... the other five hours were spent playing... whoops.)
Moving my membership to LP (aka the old people) ward - check. Technically I should be in UW for another year... but they now meet even further away and still at the same wretched 2pm... Of course I could have done it... but especially when I'm doing the group study - 2pm church puts a kink in things... Its probably just easier this way to have my membership in the ward I end up going to the most... And yes... that is me rationalizing my decision. 
America Day - Yup... I call it america day... and all my american friends think I'm completely ridiculous. But I like it... calling it america day... not the day in particular... I'm kinda indifferent towards the day. Hanging out tho... that I'm not indifferent towards.

Aaron and Sabrina had a bunch of us over for a BBQ
We had shrimp kabobs
And veggie kabobs

Whitney and Lucinda were very patriotic with their outfits.

We headed to the Charles for fireworks. We thought we were gonna be late... turns out the fireworks started an hour after we thought.
Apparently America Day is pretty popular or something.
We wanted to sit on the ground cause we were tired of standing and waiting. Whitney had to stand tho because of her white skirt.



Royall said...

Amazing fireworks! And don't worry Melissa- I solemnly swear never to paint a room in my house pink- ever. In fact I may even be off painting walls a color at all- the bathroom isn't finished but I'm still not sold on red.

Cathy said...

I saw no fireworks for Canada or US Day... and you know how much I love fireworks... thank you for posting your great pics because now I can take some consolence in seeing a couple fireworks. They look like they woulda been a good show... all I got was to sing OH Canada in Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. Just me and Tabea haha. love!

JMay said...

Such pretty fireworks!