Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm On Holiday - Unofficially

My brain has checked out. Studying? Psh. Who studies? Actually its probably a terrible thing that I already feel like I'm vacation. Because I most certainly still have two exams. Brain - please come back. I kinda need you.

Lucinda invited me to head out to Marblehead to Katy B's house. The plan was to hang out possibly at a beach and study. But her house happens to be right on the ocean. So we decided to just head off in the "Whaler" to Manchester, up the coast line, to have lunch.
Have I ever mentioned that water makes me supremely happy? Just being out on the water - with the sun shining down and the wind whipping at my face. It was glorious. I love to dance my finger tips along the water as we speed our way through. Why do I continuously forget how much I love water?
After lunch we made our way to a little bay where we dropped the anchor and busted out our notes. No wonder Katy B. is such a good student. It was actually pretty great. We mostly did practice questions. And laid in the boat. We jumped in the water - to "cool down". Which for me wasnt particularly necessary since I was a little on the almost not warm side of things with the ocean breeze. But since the water barely came up to my hips it was actually kinda nice. And it definitely was no glacier water!
There was the cutest little bunch of children in tiny sail boats learning to sail. Well mostly they were getting towed back in. But their boats were adorable. I want to do things like that. Learn to sail, or windsurf. Maybe someday... I left thinking I didnt get any sun. Cinda was burnt to a crisp before we got off the water but I was looking a particularly white shade of white. But upon arriving home I discovered I was a little hot in the face and had a mean sunglass tan. Looks like I got more sun than I thought.


Emma said...

totally know how you feel about your brain checking out, i have 4 more weeks before i'm graduating and i'm dying! i can barely get anything done, my brain just won't work. good luck on your tests!

JMay said...

this looks like so much fun! I LOVE the water too, makes me so happy...beach baby right here!

Good luck!