Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hello Stranger

So I donno if too many people know this about me, but strangers love me.  I have no idea why.  I've been told that my neutral face is rather cold (by my mother - and she wouldnt lie).  But that doesnt stop strangers from approaching me.  As such, if a random person starts talking to me, I dont tend to freak out.  Just another day in my life.  If I'm with my best friend Cathy, they tend to love us even more.  Its crazy.  I just really dont get it.

So today, I'm walking home from school down my street.  I have to cross an intersection and as I get to the opposite corner to continue down my street, there is a guy walking towards me from the opposite direction.  We meet at the corner and as I continue walking, all the sudden he flips a 180 and starts walking with me.  This is the conversation that preceded.

Random guy:  I really like your shirt.
Me: (looking down and seeing that I'm wearing my relay for life shirt... nothing special... its a t-shirt)... mmm.. Thanks?
Random guy:  Can I just say - I wanna know you.
Me: ... ... ... (and lots of inaudible processing of that statement)
Random guy:  No I wanna KNOOOOW you.
Me: Ahh... mmm... ya I dont think so. 
Random guy:  Here's what you should do.  Keep walking straight, turn right and we'll get freaky.
Me: Ya... thats definitely not happening (Really?  He just said that?  Even if I knew him that wouldnt be happening... Crazy person)
Random guy: (Notices that my keys are in my hand at the ready to open a door position) Ok we can just go upstairs and do some kissing
Me:  No... No no no no no... uh uh... uh uh... no... no Nooo.... Not happening.... I'm good.
Random guy: Oh I know your good... (reaches his arm to go around my shoulder)
Me: (Shoulder rolls so that his arm is not on my shoulder and takes a side step away)
Random guy:  Come on... just let me get to know you...
Me:  Ya thats not happening.  I dont think so.  No... No no no... I'm good no.  (I start to pull away as he starts to slow down)
Random guy: Well can I have a hug before I go?
Me:  HECK no!  No thats definitely not happening.  See ya.
(Random guy turns around and heads back in his original direction.)

Really?  That happened?  Oh strangers.  They are also crazy.  I mean, bold move propositioning a stranger like that.  Really, did he think that was gonna work?  Little does he know that even if he did know me, I'm not really a big fan of people touching me... so he probably wouldnt of gotten that hug either way.  


Bonnie said...

haha "let's get freaky" - if only all boys could be that direct and know what they want - now i've read it on your blog, and cathy relayed the story to me but i still can't wait to hear it from your own mouth. miss you! and there's this girl who works at safeway that cathy's befriended and i feel she'll soon be your bf too.

.Ang. said...


That's pretty creepy! Next time you'll have to use the keys and your fist and do some damage.

but i hope there isn't a next time.

*shades of bridget* said...

omgosh, so sorry, if i was there i would have scared that guy off he he he :)

Brittney said...

Best. Story. Ever.

Linz said...

man you meet the weirdest ppl!