Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alex Trebek Would Be Proud

Why you ask?  Because I wanted to do something fun to study for my Pathology final... jeopardy fun.  

Try not to be impressed... I dare you.
Really it was so great.  Everyone pitched in for making up questions and our buzzers consisted of those party noise makers that you blow into and it unrolls and makes noise.  We had teams and to signal Derrick (our noise maker) that we knew the answer all we had to do was tap him on his inner thigh.  hahah... It was fun.  Alot of work to put together but kinda great.  
Halfway through we took a break... to have WAFFLES!!!

Oh Turkey Bacon... how I love you!

Derrick thought it was decently ridiculous that the only measuring devices in the house were 
1. The tiniest cup measurer ever... its actually one of those rice measurers.
2.  A four cup ziploc container.  

Everyone did great work pitching in... John was a master at whipping that whipping cream... Dee was showing that bacon who was boss.  And Derrick and the waffles... they knew what was up.

This is how John licks the beater.

This is how Derrick licks the beater.

Delicious golden brown waffles.  Derrick and Amit have the greatest waffle makers ever!

YUM!  I really like waffles

So does everyone here.  It was the perfect mid-game break.


Royall said...

okay, i'm impressed. really impressed.

julied said...

di am impressed. so creative. and iknow where you learned all your excellent skills for making a pancake/waffle breakfsat. yes, yours truly. good luck on the test!

.Ang. said...

That's a great idea!!!

Sounds like you guys had fun!!

And those waffles look delightful!!!