Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Spirit of God like a FIRE is burning.

Wait... it might be less the spirit and more just the burning.  Yup, thats right folks.. while at church today my building started on fire.  Pictures to follow.  It was CRAZY.  

And well... kinda cool.  I've never seen a building be on fire before.  Really?  That still happens?  Weird.  

At first when the fire alarm went off, my Garneau Towers mentality set in.  Aka never leaving the building when the fire alarm goes off and just watching the stupid people with the dogs in boxes standing outside in the cold.  Cause really... fires never happen.  I realized it might be time to saunter out when smoke started pouring in from the roof of the chapel.  Yup, about then, when people said it was a real fire, I decided it was time to go.  So I stepped outside and watched the fire progress. 

It started out first as just some smoke pouring out the steeple and edges of the roof.  Fire trucks showed up within minutes.  Then we started to see a little fire licking at the center of the roof.  Fire men were on the roof, setting up their hoses and running in and out of the building.  I even watched one fireman get knocked over by a hose that filled with water.  It must of been heavy cause he was under it for awhile and couldnt get free.  

At first, the fire didnt seem so bad.  But soon I could feel the heat, even though I wasnt standing that close.  The whole roof was soon on fire.  There was this black smoke that was billowing everywhere.  Soon the chapel was completely on fire.  With flames coming out of the large windows.  It didnt really feel like the fire men were doing too much for a long while.  Because before they really started spraying the fire with water, the whole roof was on fire.  But once the water came, the smoke was crazy.  Sometimes you couldnt see the building the smoke was so thick.  There were like seven or eight fire trucks.  
This may sound bad but I saw some girls crying - a bit much if you ask me.  They were all "I cant believe... our building..."  The next door neighbours were trying to remove their valuables from the house, just in case the fire jumped to their roof - which looked pretty likely.  

So on the plus side - I'll be at home for two months.  Minus side - I kinda smell like smoke.   


.Ang. said...

that is CRAZY!

I guess Fires really DO happen.

Royall said...

Wow, good reaction time Melissa.

Linz said...

i still can't believe it!

Vanessa said...

thats sooo crazy!!! i've been there before... crying girls!? really... thats interesting?? i dont think i would cry as much as i would run! ahaha