Sunday, May 3, 2009

From Boston With Love

This is a picture from almost two years ago of me and my best friend Stephanie.  And she just got home from her mission a few days ago.  I'm so excited she's home!  

Steph and I have known each other since grade seven.  We got introduced because my brother Dave was dating her sister, Natalie.  And we were in band together.  As any teenager would, we fought.  But the thing that I love about Steph is, is that we stayed friends despite it all.  She's one of the people in this world that I truly care for and admire.  She is the most dedicated and hard working person I've ever met.  Plus she can really kick my butt when it comes to any sort of exercise.  The girl is driven.  

So its with a little sadness that I'm not at home right now.  And that my internship isnt in Lethbridge this summer.  

I love her and am so excited she's home though!


*shades of bridget* said...

thats what friends are for :) i hope we can talk years from now too :)

julied said...

YOU guys were band geeks? ha. i love it.

Melissa said...

hahah Dang rights!