Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sometimes all you need is a letter...

... there were two young girls, Blonde and Brunette.  
They both decided to move to Edmontonialandia in their first year away from school and a magic organizer got them both to move into the same fairytale apartment and had them sharing a room.  Instantly they decided that they were perfect roommates for each other and became best friends.  But soon Blonde got swept off her feet by a charming Prince leaving Brunette to go about her daily life.  They stayed close but as the years and distance grew they forgot their instant connection and let their lives lead them apart.  And then one day Brunette remembered  Blonde and her fondness for her, and poured out via a letter the contents of her life.  The Blonde responded in such a manner that quite easily the Brunette remembered why they had stayed friends and why they would always be friends.  The end. 

But for real... I love getting letters/emails/facebook messages.  But the best is when you get a letter and you cant help but smile a real smile and laugh a real laugh at the contents held within.  There's just something really great about being able to feel like no matter the distance, or the time between talking, when I see that friend again it'll be like nothing changed.  The details of our lives will be different but the friendship we share will be unhampered by time.  And today I got such a letter.  It was perfect.  

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