Friday, January 16, 2009

Carve a little place for me...

Sometimes Fridays are the BEST day!  Ok... really mostly they're long and lots of classes but when I get to that Dental Anatomy Lab... Suddenly I get all zen and everything is good with the world.  Especially if its a good carving day.  And today was just such a day!
Now carving can be sorta awkward.  Because you start with nothing and have to make it look like something you would see if your mouth.  And the guy who does our demos is a freaking wizard with the wax-ups.  What takes me like two hours to get looking normal he just whips together like its nothing.  He's all "I'll just make those proximal contacts and put a little here and add to the tip"s... and suddenly its a fully functional looking tooth.   I try that... results arent quite the same.  And there are all these "real" dentists wandering around just in case we need help.  I like to at least have something to work with before I ask them... But for the most part they're trying not to get us discouraged so I often have to be like "Ya, it looks retarded.. how do I fix it?"
So I take what they say and make it into something remotely tooth like.  But my favorites are when I'm doing the carving and I'm in the zone and suddenly the tooth looks like a tooth.  Such a good feeling.  Makes me feel a little less pressure for when I'm actually doing the clinical stuff. Because while everyone, if they work hard enough, can do well at the didactic part of the curriculum... some people are just better at the clinical than others.    

My dad makes me a little nervous cause he's positive I'll really do well clinically.  But I worry sometimes.  So good carving days... they make me feel better. 
My only problem with carving is that it shows that I have TERRIBLE posture.

I'll work on that.

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