Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Funny Tragic Little Somethings of Today

When someone, under their breath, judges your appearance. 
"Holy sporty outfit"
Why yes. I do look rather sporty right now. 
I mean I just ran 4 miles. It kinda goes with the activity.

That person who comments on how quickly you overtake them on the sidewalk.
I promise you dear lady, that its no special skill of mine to walk quickly while carrying groceries. Mostly I was walking quickly cause my bags were heavy and I figured if I walked quicker I'd get home quicker. I reasoned that one out. But if you feel the need to make me my very own "speed grocery carrier walker" trophy, well, I wont stop you. Oh, and feel free to play with the name on the trophy.

When you go looking for your faculty to check your work 
and discover that he has left for a meeting.
Um... how am I supposed to get my work checked? 
Not to mention we were in the middle of a summative.
Wanna see me go from perfectly fine to meltdown 
verge of tears in two seconds flat? Turns out it doesnt take much. 
Thats embarrassing.

When the staff at the local bakery/eatery around
the corner go "Oh HEY! How are you today?"
Yup... I might go there too often.

When you eat fresh food, for the first time in weeks and remember why you love it so. Dear Guacamole. You Complete Me. (And I know I've said that about other food items, but I really mean it this time). Love Missy

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Alaya said...

Your second last 'something' made me laugh...