Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 3 - Day 14

SW - 155
CW - 153
Down 2 lbs; 13 to go!

The good:
- Turns out not eating garbage isnt terribly hard when you have decent motivation for it. Oh, and refuse to step foot in your favorite local bakery. Yes I still have my moments, but I feel like 1. Not eating after 8pm and 2. This entire healthy eating makeover, have made me more cognizant of the eating choice I've been making. So even when I dont follow to the letter the goals I've set, I'm choosing the less terrible options. Because if I were being honest, I'm good at being dedicated to running (I mean I've been pretty much consistently running with only a couple weeks off here or there since my first year of University) and generally working out. The actual quantifying of my goals has help refine my focus.
- Also, I kinda forgot how simple and easy it is to pop in my favorite Pilates video and do it 5 times a week. The best abs I ever had happened when I was doing Pilates five times a week and running every day, so I'm hoping to get back to that state.

The bad:
- Speaking of Pilates, its super lame that my DVD player will no longer hook to the tv. Ghetto stupid electronics. I've been taking my lap top out into the main room, but my lap top is a tidge ghetto. And its annoying to have to do that. But whatever works.
- Can we just talk about how for some odd reason running has it out for me. See, I think I've determined the main problem I have with running well is that it is SUCH a mental sport. And well, mentally, sometimes I suck. I have all these mental roadblocks I've thrown up all over the map and all these expectations that I toss around willy nilly. As such, running kills me sometimes. But even though running is pretty much sucky, I guess it doesnt matter. I'm doing it anyways. I got recommended that I read "The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer" and I really like that the authors realize what a huge impact your mental health can have on your training. Since I'm only training for a half, if a particular week is especially sucky for me, I've been repeating it to give my body a chance to get on board. Of course having a hideous cold last week didnt really help my running. I stopped to hack a lung today and some concerned runner came up to make sure I wasnt dying or something. Nope, just coughing for the kicks. For real though. It has just become hella hot here in Boston, and I've officially decided I need one of those super dorky running water bottle belts. I can no make it without water.

I'm really trying hard to keep in mind that consistency and patience are gonna be what help this endeavor pay off in the end. I just need to remember that today I am stronger than I was yesterday and I need to keep going, keep building, keep pushing and achieving.

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Cathy said...

I could use some serious running motivation... it's been a while...