Saturday, May 14, 2011

Milford Drive-In

One of my favorite things about Aaron and Sabrina, is that they have all these amazing fun places they like to go. They go on cutsie little outtings for date night. So when they mentioned that there was a drive-in nearby and suggested we plan a group outting... Come on... Drive-ins are right up my alley.

I was a little worried that we would be late.
Cause we left about 45 mins later than we had originally intended.
And I get panicky about being late to movies.
I really hate being late to movies.
But us leaving late actually worked out just fine.
We actually beat Aaron and Sabrina's car out there, even though they left at the intended time.

The Drive In was great.
We brought lawn chairs and blankets (though truthfully I was freezing and pretty much a bum because I stole Sabrina's jacket, Meg's jacket, and an extra blanket on top of the one I brought and I was still freezing) and set them up just outside of our cars. 
Then we headed to get some snacks before the movie started. 
Popcorn, nachos, ice cream, candy, floats, pretzels, and a plethora of other treats awaited us.

Dee was making the most hilarious sad/grumpy face ever. And right before the camera went off she changed it to a smile. 

I'm sad this picture is a little blurry. But sometimes thats what happens when strangers take pictures.

To Sum Up - Drive Ins are AWESOME because...
- They have this awesome retro feel to them
- You can talk and laugh a little more freely than in a movie theater
- You have SO MUCH MORE SPACE (plus you dont really need to worry about obnoxious people sitting right behind you - though the weed smokers nearby were a bit much)
- You can bring whatever goodies you like
- Its like $20 per car... two movies for $5... Ya... that is a steal!
- The concession is above and beyond regular concessions
- Having a blanket with you is not weird
- The experience is one to remember!


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Julie said...

sweet! i've always wanted to go to a drive in movie