Friday, May 13, 2011


It seems as though I only do touristy things with the Barry family.
Which I'm quite alright with.
Dan's parents and sister are visiting Boston so they were headed to the Museum of Fine Arts to have a look around. They have this awesome new exhibit (Chihuly Exhibit) with blown glass that Lucinda, Dee and I had talked about seeing at some time, so when Lucinda invited me to tag along, I figured that would be a good use of the day.
The MFA is HUGE. Seriously, such a big building. Its kinda amazing how big all the rooms are.
These next things were a few of my favorite pieces.
It was a very low key walk through. 
Which, as it turns out, is just how I like it.
I dont need to see everything all at once (I get tired of walking).
I actually think that since becoming friends with the Barry's, I've become much better at enjoying museums and the likes. It used to bore me to tears all that walking about. And even still, I definitely like somethings better than others - in general I dislike abstract paintings - like Picaso and the likes. And old furniture and bowls and stuff... yup, not my favorite.
But I liked photography.
And I liked the old pianos we saw.
And the occasional sculpture.
And portrait paintings.
Ok. I liked alot of paintings. Paintings are awesome. I wish I painted.

I loved how these little girls looked - and I loved that their last name was spelt just how my friend Royall spells hers.

I like this man. And feel like I've seen this before.
But for the life of me I cant recall when.

Chihuly Exhibit
I love how the light passes through the pieces in interesting ways, forming wonderful patterns on the walls.

This ceiling was really cool to look at.

But these chandelier type deals were even cooler.

Old Boston Map

Dear Cathy,
I tried texting this to you.
Because I stumbled upon this in real life.
And for real. Who else would appreciate that but you.
Love Missy

How gorgeous is this painting of a slave ship wreckage?

I like things that are visually appealing. What can I say? I like things that look pretty.


Shelby Lou said...

That's the picture from Gilmore Girls! So cool! I love it, this looks like so much fun.

Lana Dawn said...

I am pretty much just really jealous of this. I love museums. And that looks awesome.

Royall said...

Totally gorgeous ship wreck painting and I love that those girls spelled their last name with 2 "l"s. Much more distinguished and unique than 1 "1" ;)