Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ginger Snaps

One weekend, I was asking Dave what Brian and I should do to entertain ourselves.
His response: You should babysit my kids and make me gingersnaps.
And since I'm not opposed to pleasing Dave, Brian and I did just that.

Katelyn loved helping us make the cookies.
She's going to be a cute little homemaker one day considering she loves to bake and sew and she's only five.
And she impressed me with her discovery of a natural smile for the camera (sometimes the children struggle with this). It was pretty adorable watching her and Brian roll the dough into balls and then roll it in sugar.

Of course, Reese, once she discovered what we were doing wanted to help as well. 
This resulted in a very sugary Reesey-babe. And a very sugary floor.
But Brian was cute and helped her wash the sugar and dough off her hands.

One of Reese's favorite things is to have me flip her upside down.
And of course this results in Katelyn wanting a turn.

I love these little girls and their antics. 
And it was fun to babysit and make cookies with Brian.

I feel like living with Dave and Nat has really been the best thing for me. And I hope that when our time in the same house is over that I will have picked up even a little of how brilliant Nat and Dave are. I cant stress enough what great parents and people they are and how much I look up to them and how they are raising their children. I know this period of time will come to an end. But I am grateful for the relationships it is allowing me to develop with Dave and Nat and their kids. And the person they are helping me to become. I've always looked up to Dave and Nat and I love having the opportunity to see how they operate on a daily basis. They do so many little things that I love. Being single can be lonely. Because even if you like your roommates, they arent a family. And I have really loved having a family to be with these last few months. Its just nice to have someone to take care of and to take care of other people too.

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