Friday, November 23, 2012

Utah Roadtrip - The Wedding

My dear friend Katie, got married in Utah and luckily I was able to have some time off work to go. I got to see Katie come out of the SLC Temple and go to the family luncheon. 
Katie had mentioned that all of her girlfriends were dressing in wedding colors and that if I wanted to I could as well. Which prompted an afternoon of shopping trying to find something.
It was rather frustrating but Brian was a good sport about it. Since I kept saying things were cute but not right, he finally was like "Screw the colors" and made me just try some stuff on. And I ended up loving what he made me try on and getting it to wear. And then adding a scarf I found that was the right colour to count as my dress in the wedding colors.

Katie was a wonderful friend to me in Boston. She moved to Boston for just my last year in Boston and was really exactly what I needed. And I'm so grateful that I was able to know Katie. She's one of those people that's very kind to everyone, but not in a cheap and gimmicky way. She genuinely cares and makes people feel special. I really love Katie and was happy to get to share in her happy day.

Brian was a sport and came with me. 
I was happy for the company since I basically didnt know anyone else there.
But he hated how many pictures there were. And when I was in pictures he definitely didnt have anyone to talk to.

Katie and her Boston friends (Me, Brenda Heaton, Katie and Kelly Pickett)

Katie's Boston Friends (Diana, Me, Katie, Brenda and Kelly)

I'm really glad I got to go to the Katie's luncheon. We sat at this table with three other couples and in particular, one of the couples was really funny. They asked who we were and we introduced ourselves and that I was friends with Katie and had brought my boyfriend with me. And not even ten minutes later, one of the husbands turns and goes "How long have you two been married?"
We were like... um... we're not.
And he goes "Well this must be the longest date ever."
To which I replied "First date and everything."
And it was slightly ridiculous but really funny.
And Katie's new husband sang to her and that was particularly endearing.

I didnt get much time to talk to Katie, but I was happy to support her even though I'm not a huge wedding person.


hailey said...

so BASICALLY you snagged yourself such a cute guy! so happy for you :) and you looked so cute in your wedding "colors"!

Julie said...

where is that scarf from? it is to die for. love it. i don't know who this guy is but you two do look like you could be married.. :) too early to say? maybe, but you sure look good together!