Monday, November 19, 2012

Suits Night Crew Dinner

Every Tuesday, Ness and the girls and I go to Zumba and promptly thereafter we head to Jordan and Reece's house to watch Suits. If you havent seen Suits you need to. Harvey Specter and Mike Ross are my favourite. Plus Jordan and Reece are amazing. They've been making us delicious desserts. We decided that since desserts are amazing, we might try a crew dinner, since according to Reece, desserts arent his strong suit. I knew the night was going to be amazing. After the delicious dessert creations we've been having, I couldnt imagine it any other way. It was just fun to gather together and make a fancy meal and really enjoy each others company. I love our suits crew.

Course One: Roasted Garlic, Brie and French Bread

While we waited for Jordan and Reece to finish cooking the main dishes, Cody treated us with a live reading of the romance short story he wrote for Ness. It was hilarious. 

Course Two: Roasted Carrots, Key Lime Asparagus, Lightly Brown Sugared Squash, Pork Tenderloin wrapped in Basal Proscuitto on a bed of apples and Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

If that sounds like a lot of really delicious food, its cause it was. 

I was unbelievably full, but couldn't bare to let any of it go to waste. Everything tasted so good. 
My favorite parts were the carrots - they tasted like sweet potato fries and the apples. Yum.

Reece and Jordan made the main dishes and appetizers.
I'm not gonna lie, I love people that can cook. Its such a good skill to have.

Course Three: Chocolate Hazelnut Torte
Ness made the dessert, and even though I'm not usually a huge chocolate fan, this was amazing.

I cant wait to have another crew dinner!

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Royall said...

This food looks so amazing. I wish I could try it all, especially the torte!