Sunday, November 18, 2012

Waterton Saturday

The thing I love best about Ness is that she's always wanting to do really fun activities. Sure, they dont always end up being awesome, but most of the time I can appreciate the fact that there's always something on the go. It's just nice to be busy with fun activities. So even when the activity isnt necessarily something I'd suggest myself, I'm not one to turn them down. Fear of missing out and what not. And they usually turn out to be really fun, even if outside my comfort zone.

We went to Waterton today.
The plan:
Breakfast at Ness's in the morning.
Leave for Waterton.
Quick detour so Tyrel could audition for a play in Cardston.
Continue to Waterton.
Arrive and hike a mountain.
Play in the snow.
Hot tub.
Eat another breakfast food meal.
Leave Waterton totally satisfied.

I wont lie. I have my doubts about Waterton being the end all and be all.

But today, it was pretty great.
Bottom of the Hike

 Top of Bears Hump

Bears hump isnt the longest hike ever. But it is kinda steep and has a crap ton of stairs.
But the view is pretty amazing from the top.
And I loved our little crew. 
Tyrel and Orrin are very new friends of mine, and kinda hilarious. 

But it was very windy.

This picture makes me laugh so much cause you seriously cannot see Ness and I's faces at all.
Hair down was a bad call.

On the map Ness drew for getting to Waterton and all our activities, she incorporated a picture of her hitting Tyrel in the face with a snowball.  It was a pretty accurate drawing.

After hiking, we were hungry so we made some late lunch. Which was again, breakfast foods. 

Brian introduced me to brown sugar bacon (putting brown sugar on your cooking bacon) - and I love it. So I did a little for the crew... they didnt love it nearly as much as it deserves. We had some frittatas, texas toast, grape juice and hash browns .

I was pretty happy to be eating.

We went and hot tubbed a little afterwards and then got malts on our way back home.
I love fun days.
Even when they involve wintryness.

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brock + amy said...

fun! I am jealous you were at the cabin in the winter! I love being there when it's cold out! So cozy!