Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dental Prom 2012 - The Outfit

I tried finding a dress for dental prom for quite awhile before this asos one worked out. It was exactly what I had been looking for. Modest, flattering but not boring.
And I love a good gold sparkly shoe.
I went on a limb with jewelry (since I usually only wear one earring), but the feather earrings were fun. And I almost lost one. Lucinda's husband Dan found it on the street and brought it back to me, since I had lost it while walking.  

This was my favourite dental prom outfit, because it wasn't too tight and form fitting but I still felt like I looked nice. And when I'm called upon to dance my little heart out, that suits me quite well. 


Cathy said...

I adore that dress! I'm raking my brain for what I want to wear to Trent's grad... Should you like to come out for a visit and shopping trip, I would say yes. You look great.

.Ang. said...

You wear that dress well!

I love the style and i am loving your hair!

But that dress.. I just love it!