Monday, April 30, 2012


I had one of those days yesterday.
The kind where you want to cry from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep.
The kind where you wake up and know that it would have been better if you hadn't.
The kind where you leave your bed and immediately regret it.
Because this day is bad.
Very, very bad.
I walked home from church.
Thats an hour and a half walk.
But it didn't soothe me like it usually would.
Usually being physically tired takes the edge off.
But not for this day.
I went to bed at 7pm.
Sleep always makes things better.
Except when it doesn't.
I woke up this morning on edge.
Wishing again that I could pull the covers high over my head, and disappear in the folds of fabric.
Its been another one of those days.

Whats the matter?
And everything.
The future.
The past.
And all thats in-between.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya, sister. Hang in there! :)