Thursday, April 19, 2012


- Being a Nasseripour-orphan. My mentor went completely MIA this semester. Like vanished from the school and isn't coming back. As such, I walk up to anyone I please and ask them to approve things for me. Their first question is always "Who's your mentor?" And the second I say Nasseripour, they go "Oh, you poor dear, of course I'll approve that." Ha. Excellent. I'm pretty sure Nasseripour disappearing worked out a lot smoother than if she'd stayed. Cause she was hard to find even when she was around. And now I have my pick of people to approve things.
- Only having 1 requirement still to do! Booya. I have all my patient notes signed and after tomorrow will have all my patients off my patient list. There is nothing better than an empty patient list {school mentality? That should probably change}
- Matty calling me and deciding that hashtags are silly and he would rather work the {brackening}. Matty, I think this could really take off! {Love you}
- I made cinnamon honey roasted chickpeas again. Seriously. Best.Decision.Ever. Why do I ever put delicious things off. Especially when they're so little effort. And I did a better job of stirring periodically, so I feel like they turned out even better. Win.
- My use of hashtags #foolish #LoveThemAnyways #yup

- Going down to bring a package inside, signing for it and turning around to head back in only to realize I didn't bring any keys and can't get back in. Oh hai, UPS guy, is it cool if I pretend I don't actually need to get back in my apartment and follow you out? Mmk, great. Oh, I also don't have a phone. No worries, I don't know any numbers even if I used someone else's phone.
- I need to do a Portfolio presentation. But I'm on rotation for the next two weeks. I have literally been stalking Carole Green to find out when the next week opens up. Carole, should I come back tomorrow, and the next day and the next day? You're not tired of me asking everyday, multiple times a day if the schedule has been sent out yet? Ok great.
- Remember that time where I went to crossfit two days in a row and both workouts featured burpees heavily and burpees are my absolute workout nemesis? Ug. I'm still crazy sore and its been a whole day of doing nothing. Crossfit hurts so good.
- Lets talk about how sometimes I misspell words and make up words. Dear computer, stop autocorrecting me. Its freaking annoying. {Its supposed to be brackening not bracketing}
- As of today I am now down to 1 requirement (which I finish tomorrow), 1 presentation and a two week rotation. As such, this week I pretty much have run out of things to do, by at the latest 11am, most days. I seriously don't know what to do with myself. This therefore has left me with the feeling that I must be overlooking something.
- That time where I emailed a faculty member to get a sign-out of his discipline appointment and he sent me an email saying we could have a pre-sign-out meeting next week. Um, pretty sure I already mentioned I'm on rotation and also, a pre-sign-out meeting? That sounds like a super waste of time. No thanks, I'll take just the sign-out appointment.
- I'm starting to feel all sorts of anxiety about the "road trip" that is in the works to come get me and move me home. I get car sick and now its not even people coming out that I know I really click with. And a little bit I feel like people keep getting added that could care less that I'm graduating. And just wanna be there for the ride. Um, my graduation is a big deal, and kinda not a side bar for someone's road trip. I pretty much only want people there that get that. Ug. It might have been a terrible decision to agree to drive home from Boston #whatwasIthinking
- The huge pile of scrubs in the corner of my room. #nuffsaid

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Cathy said...

Wicked that your prof ditched. Who doesn't love getting things signed off, no questions asked. Also, I really like brackening {I may pick it up}. And I wish I could come on the grad-move-road-trip, because I DEFINITELY love you specifically and the fact that you're graduating!!!