Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dental Prom 2012 - The Hair

Little known fact about me: I love doing peoples' hair. Especially when they have great hair to work with (because yes, some people have better hair than others). My dental friends know this. I pretty much kept Dee's hair in braids while we were in Guatemala. They don't understand it, but they are fully willing to take advantage of it. And I'm kinda ok with it. Dee, for instance has amazing hair for doing fun things to.

Unfortunately for this year, I was feeling completely uninspired.

Last year I did pin curls on her. And I curled my hair with a pencil and a straightener. I had good ideas and they worked out great.
This year, I struggled to even think about what to do. I couldn't even come up with an idea for myself. It was completely out of character for me. For Halloween and events like this, I often have in my minds eye a vision of exactly what I want to look like, and for the most part I'm able to execute it. But this year, I felt frumpy. And frumpiness doesn't lend much confidence that I have the ability to create something beautiful.

Luckily, things pulled together. I found out some disappointing news and instead of being a debbie downer, I tried to think of all the lucky moments I've had recently at school that are going to contribute to my graduating on time (which in case you haven't gathered, is kind of a big deal). And I felt better. I quickly perused pinterest and the internet at large and started brainstorming what I could do for Dee and my hair.

My version:

I won't lie, I'm quite proud of how great Dee's hair looked. And even had a few people come up to ask me how I did her hair. It turned out awesome. She wanted curls, since she has such straight hair and I feel like Dee has an awesome face for braids. She was really sweet too, and text me at the end of the night to thank me and tell me, she tried to give me as much credit as possible. It was really fun doing her hair. And I'm really glad it came together. 

I also helped with Lucinda's hair a bit. Her sister Whitney put it generally in the bun but I added all the curls and made the bun and the long strands a more cohesive unit. And it looked great. 

I have really pretty friends. 

And for my hair. My hair had a lot to do with my dress. It was hard finding a dress, because as usual, I had such a specific look in mind. I wanted a dress that was fitted up top but had a good and loose skirt so my dancing wouldn't be impeded at all.
Lets be real, since getting bangs, people tell me I look like Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry all the time.
In fact, a drunk third year came up to me at the party and gushed about how much she loves my Katy Perry look, with my glasses and bangs. It was really sweet. So my hair needed to match the look I was going for. 
When I saw this on pinterest, I knew it would be perfect.

Pinterest Inspiration:
One part this, a little of this and a lot of this. 

I couldn't really see what the back looked like, since I don't have a patient mirror to use with a large mirror. And I had a hard time wrapping my brain around what direction I should be folding my hair. I also wished my hair was longer so the ribbon portion would be longer (which I think would have made it easier to know which direction I should be folding my hair. 

But all in all I was pretty happy with how it turned out. 

Call that a win for Dental Prom!


Cathy said...

Your hair bow is wicked! I wanna do one!

Laura Beth said...

Soo pretty Melissa! I want to see what you wore! I bet it was equally delightful :)

brock said...

I would not even know where to being to start attempting a hair bow- it looks so good!

brock said...

haha- this is amy, not brock

Royall said...

That is talent my friend.