Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Things I loved about Sunday:
1. The Sunny Weather
2. Sailboats floating on the Charles
3. Lounging in the good weather
4. Debriefing the Gala
5. Riding my bike
6. Healthy Snacks
7. Beautiful flowering trees
8. Cute little birds and inch worms in close proximity
9. Heart shaped faces
10. Enjoying good company

The weather has been phenomenal in Boston this weekend. Sunny, with a slight breeze and just the right amount of warmth. So when Alisun asked if I wanted to go to the esplanade and enjoy the day before my church meeting, I was only too happy to oblige. She brought a lovely blanket and I brought some grapes, apple slices and triscuits to snack on. And we debriefed about the Gala, and a hundred other things. And then while Alisun studied, I read or just sat contentedly and enjoyed how beautiful Boston can be. Sunny. Sailboats. Beautiful flowering trees. It's hard to say that it gets any better than that. It was exactly the relaxed kind of Sunday I thoroughly enjoy.


Tia Marie said...

Nice! I came home from chilly Norway to warm, beautiful Boston. Nothing like a trip to make you realize what you've got a home! I've always known I wouldn't be in Boston forever, and now that it's becoming time to move on, I realize how in love with Boston I am. SO glad you ladies enjoyed it! :-)

Tiffany Kay Smith said...

This looks like so much fun... and so summery <3.
Im glad you are soaking up as much of Boston as you can. Its hard not to all of a sudden feel weird tie to a place right before you leave. I felt like that when I left Provo.... and I am guessing if a person can feel like that about PROVO it can happen leaving just about anywhere.
Also... I am super excited to come see you out there in like exactly a month!!!