Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dental Prom 2012 - The Party Party

The Arrival
We left our Crossfit Party, which was only a couple blocks away from the location of the Gala - At the swanky Fairmont Copely Plaza Hotel. But before we could walk up to the location the girls needed to change into entrance worthy shoes!

It was crazy, because Dan had been walking a bit behind us (since he stopped at an ATM) and we had been moving swiftly to get to the party knowing he'd catch up. Well, when he did catch up, he held up one of my earrings. Which I had apparently lost as we walked, and he had miraculously found. It was crazy. But really awesome. I mean, I would have definitely sported one earring if I needed to (since I usually only wear one), but I was glad he found it - especially since my earrings were a big hit at the party

And of course we needed to get one last group shot!

The Cocktail Hour
The Cocktail Hour was insane. They had us in one room and it was super packed, that legitimately you had to weave between people. It was crowded. Really crowded. But I stuck with my a-mingling. And was relieved when they opened the banquet doors and let us in to sit at our tables. It was kind of awkward and I was definitely wishing that I felt more comfortable because I feel like I wanted to take more pictures but didn't. 

Alana Gilgurd, Kim Schechter, Meg McGrath, Sabrina Hartman, Sunny

Of course my girl Sunny was stunning. She never wears dresses, so coming to the gala in one was a big deal. But she looked so great! Sunny has been working super hard on being the healthiest version of herself that she can be and she looks awesome as a result! I definitely feel like I could learn a few things from her commitment and example. 

Aaron and Sabrina
Lucinda, Julia Barbagallo, Me, Lauren Greco
Lucinda totally photo bombed this. Which was awesome. 
Greco recently joined our softball team, and I love it. She says and does the most hilarious things (for instance, that time she ran to first and the pass to first was over thrown so we all started yelling for her to run to second and she distinctly shook her head no and stayed where she was). And I'm really glad that I've gotten a chance to hang out with her more. She's a really funny lady.

Sunny, Me, LB and Myrna Zohni
The Dinner
The Banquet Hall was gorgeous. Though I think this location was smaller than last years
It was fun to sit at a table with my friends and eat a delicious meal. We actually had two empty seats at our table, because we had planned for John and Tamsen to sit with us, but they joined the group that hate being friends. Ha. Just kidding, they did bail, but I'm told on their end it's not because they hate us. They just would rather have a couples party night at Top of the Hub. 
But we did miss them. 
The benefit of them not coming was that our waitstaff brought their chairs meals, which Aaron and Dan joyously consumed!


MAIN DISH - Chicken Option

MAIN DISH - Vegetarian Option

Chocolate Mousse.

Holy crap everything about this dinner was phenomenal. The Salad, The Chicken, The Dessert. I loved every part of it. And my mouth was supremely happy for this meal. Plus, I just love the people at my table. Sabrina and Aaron, Mike Rolin, Dee, and the Barry's are among my favourite people. 

Plus there was that fun time when LB just took a bajillion photos of me at the table. HA. 

You can always count on the Barry's to take my camera to take pictures of me. Its quite nice.

In between courses, we would get up and get pictures with people that were walking around.

Picture with Dean Hutter

Ms. Held runs the extramural program (aka the International Externships), so she has a special place in our hearts for all the hard work she did organizing our trips abroad!
Derek Martin, Ms. Held, Lucinda, Me
And Dr. Moran is just a wonderful guy.
He wrote a poem for our yearbook (small fact: I was on the yearbook committee and wrote the paragraph introducing him in the yearbook, as well as designing quite a few pages).
He plays on our softball team.
He's a clinic favourite.
And he has an upcoming gig, for his new band (which is mostly faculty members and going to be the first time he sings in public). 
Dr. Moran and Myself

Derek Martin, Dee Gulis, Aaron Baumler, The Barry's

These are my best friends.
Sometimes, it really bums me out that life has no choice but to change in just under a month. Because I love spending so much time with my friends. And I know that when we aren't together I will miss them terribly. 
I really was very lucky to find such wonderful people to be friends with. Which is why I feel that I've been trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Because our days together are numbered. 
Things at our school are tense, especially with all the pressure and stress that comes with trying to graduate. And the school does not make it easy. Many of my classmates hate BU and veto school functions as a form of protest (it's actually unreal how many people aren't going to graduation). The thing I don't understand is that these functions aren't for the school. They're for US. They're a time for us to get together and spend our limited time together. Graduation isn't about the school. Its about us, as students and celebrating all that we've accomplished! So, when my classmates veto school functions, I hate it. Because they aren't punishing the school. We will never have another Gala to go to together. They're separating themselves from their friends who love and want to spend time with them before we all go our separate ways. And that blatant disregard for the relationships we have formed, is hard for me to understand. 

"Say Vegetables!"
I was very excited for the dancing portion of the evening. 

Dr. Moran and Dr. Calabrese started the dance off, dancing hilariously together, and the moment the music began and they got their time to shine on the dance floor, it was packed!

I'm a ridiculous dancer. And as such people took a lot of photos of me dancing. But I kinda like it. 

Me, Hayley Buchholz and Lucinda

Sunny, Andrew Miller and Lucinda

This picture makes me SOOOOO happy. I love it. Seriously so much. 

Josh Morrow
 Dan decided that we needed prom shots and was kind enough to be my prom date :)

Of course he made sure to get one with his wife as well.

Lucinda decided to be adorable and get a picture saying she's reserved (insert aww's here). 

So when they suggested I hold up the sign, I did the only thing that made sense. 

Pouted like I meant it.
And I love that Mike is also disapproving in the background. 

Andrew and I (and the creepiest partial face in the background)

Tim Smith and I have known each other since our days of Excel. So naturally we needed an Excel photo. 
When excel was coming to an end, but before we met our other classmates, we used to call them De-cellers. Ha. So foolish. 

Excellers For Life!

All in all, it was a fun night. I missed the friends who weren't there, but we had a great time even still!


Tamsen said...

We missed being there, it really was a very difficult decision. I'm glad you got some extra food out of the deal:)

Tia Marie said...

Looks like you all had a blast! Love your dress! :)