Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Final Season

Tonight we had our last regular season game. We are the top team in our division going into playoffs. Maybe this will be the year we win it all. 
This year, I contemplated not playing softball. Last season I felt like it got more competitive than I'm really comfortable with. But I'm happy that the group peer pressured me into playing. It is, after all, our last chance to play softball together. And I'm nothing if not nostalgic. 
Plus, they teased me with a new softball T. And lets be real. I do a lot of things for the t-shirt.
But I'm happy I played.
I still suck at catching (and missed what would have been an amazing outfield catch tonight).
But I hit the ball and got on base a few times this game and felt pretty good. 
Plus, we've had a few additions that really add a great dynamic to the games.
Andrew Miller is one of my favourites to stand in the outfield with, cause we just have side comments the entire time.
And Lauren Greco does something hilarious every game. 
Our very first game (keeping in mind that the team is made up of our classmates), Lauren saw a girl in the outfield and asked "Is that girl on our team?" - To which I looked over incredulously and went "Don't you think you would know everyone on our team?"
But she's awesome. And not someone I had previously spent much time with.

The jist of it is, my friends are great and I love my team.
Plus, our t-shirts have our nicknames on it. And I freaking love that.

Back Row (L-R): Andrew Miller, Dan Barry, Amit Patel, Derrick Call, Seth Caldon, Aaron Baumler, Adam Garaas, John Keyes, Mike Rolin
Front Row (L-R): Krysta Peplowski, Meaghan Hart, Alisun, Sabrina Hartman, Lucinda Barry, Dee Gulis, Melissa Lowry
Andrew - Miller Time
 Dan - Dannah Montana
Amit - Brown Sugar
Derrick - World Peace
Seth - Sethasaurus
Aaron - Baums
Adam - A Grod
John - Keezer
Mike - Zed-Pack
Dr. Moran - Double Nickels

Krysta - K-Ped
Meg - Hart Attack
Alisun - Alpha
Sabrina - Tiny Madam
Lucinda - LB
Dee - Deestroyer
Me - M Low
Lauren Greco - Long Island

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