Friday, April 6, 2012

International Externs

(L-R) Back Row: Katy Bednar, Oshin, Tom O'Connor, Matt Kramer, Tim Smith, Dr. Schiano, Ms. Held, Myself, Seth Caldon
Front Row: Betty Suh, Lauren Greco, Dani Culp, Lucinda Barry
We had a lunch and learn to tell the upcoming 4th year class about international externships.
They fed us great roll-ups and cookies, presented each of us with a certificate (commemorating our international service), we watched a slide show and then each group talked for a couple minutes about their own international externship.

I loved the slide show. There were so many great photos and seeing them again reminded me of what a great experience I had going to Guatemala. Plus it was really fun to see other people's photos and get a sense of their experiences. And I totally got a shout out during the slideshow - cause they showed a picture of a tooth I extracted - supernumerary, from the roof of the mouth and the root was crazy bent. 

Lucinda and I talked about our experience. And so did many of my other classmates. And the common message from each group was that if you make the time to do an international externship, you'll get so much from the experience. Its worth the time away from clinic. One hundred and ten percent. 

It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of dental school.

This photo isn't everyone who went on international externships (John and Derrick took off before we took the photo - to go sailing no less). But its amazing to me that more people didn't take the opportunity. And I'm glad, probably not for the last time, that I did. 

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