Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Bangs

I went to clinic one day. I had an easy appointment. It was going to be quick. In and out. The best kind of clinic appointment. 
But immediately it was kind of a strange day.

I'm not sure what it was about my appearance this day but I had some weird experiences surrounding it.

I got onto the elevator to head up to the clinic floor and say hello to Adar (one of my classmates). She says hello but gives me a strange look. And then she says "I love your hair Melissa. Your bangs look so perfect they look fake. Are they fake?"
To which I laugh.
Yes, my bangs are real. Thank you for the compliment. 

Hilarious that she thought my hair was fake.
Nope it's just straight and half pinned up. 
I actually watched this video. Its brilliant. Seriously, easiest hairstyle ever and it looks amazing. 

I'm in my bay. And not in a convenient bay to get to... nope its one of the corner bays with a view. The out of the way bays. So I'm working on my patient and out of the corner of my eye I can see two people standing outside my door. So I stop to turn and see. Oh whats that? Oh just a faculty member who brought a resident to my bay to point me out so they could discuss how he thought I looked like someone on another floor. That's right folks, he took a resident on a field trip to see me. What? That is straight up crazy face. 

So I'm looking for the faculty I'm working with and can't find him (a sadly common occurrence in clinic). I see Dr. Sadooghi (another faculty) and stop to ask if he's seen my faculty.
Me: Have you seen Dr. Pelligrino?
Dr. Sadooghi: (weirdly stares at me) Do I know you?
Me: Yes.
Sadooghi: (still staring) You look... so... different. You look like that famous person... 
Me: Ha (awkward laugh). Ya.. I get that a lot. I got bangs. 
Sadooghi: (mesmerized tone) You look so extra beautiful...
Me: Ha (extra awkward laugh), its the bangs, they make me look different.
(Dr. Sadooghi still awkwardly staring)
Me: So have you seen Dr. Pelligrino? Mmk, I'm gonna keep looking for him.

Dr. Sadooghi is the faculty I did my first restoration with. And kinda a strange man (but for the most part nice). I thought it was hilarious that he couldn't recognize me past the bangs... Just so awkward. And so funny.

I immediately told Lucinda about how hilariously awkward Sadooghi was. My bangs must have been super great this day... because they were causing a ruckus. A ruckus I say. But I felt like they were just normal bangs. Apparently they were doing some major spell casting... people were entranced. Lucinda mocked me and said it must of been a combination of the bangs and my bubble gum pink scrubs. 

I had agreed to help Lucinda in the afternoon with a procedure she was doing. I was going to be her assistant. Her faculty? Dr. Sadooghi.
He came into the bay to check on something for Lucinda and spent a solid five minutes talking about how extra beautiful I looked and debating the causes of my increase in beauty. And instead of working, for a bit of time he just stared at me. It was awkward. But on the plus side, he was very attentive to Lucinda, as long as he could take short breaks to look up, stare at me and smile.

Dee, Lucinda and I were going to a girl's night at Lucinda's sisters' house and as we picked up Dee, she got in the car and said "Melissa, I donno what it is, but you look extra beautiful today."
"HA! I'm guessing Lucinda told you about clinic today?"

Weird day. But really funny. 
Somedays my bangs are awesome.
What can I say? I'm just lucky that way.


hailey said...

dang girl~! you DID cause a ruckus! haha. love it. and LOVE YOUR BANGS. rawr.

brock + amy said...

they are so perfect- I'm jealous! And I actually did see a "bang piece" at the hairdresser, just in case you ever do want to get fake ones :)

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