Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dental Prom 2012 - The Pre-Party Party

I've been meaning to write about Crossfit for quite awhile now. Lucinda joined and I really liked the idea of some external motivation for working out.

I had been lacking in motivation to exercise. I'm usually so self-motivated with working out, but something about this semester, I couldn't bring myself to be consistent. Enter crossfit. It kicks my butt. They're hour long classes, that feature a Workout of the Day or WOD in crossfit lingo. And these workouts are nothing to scoff at. I have left more than once, staggering because I was so weak and insta-sore. But it hurts so good? In general I really like crossfit. There are days where I leave and feel like a crossfit loser (usually whenever burpees are involved), but I keep coming back. I did a month trial, and am now onto my second month of it. What I like best about crossfit is that I can schedule my workouts online - and after that I'm committed. Because I'm accountable to more than just myself, I feel more inclined to follow-through. And also that they're tough workouts (I pretty much loathe rowing and burpees). But I never feel like I wasted the time. And the coaches are constantly pushing us to keep improving. Sometimes its hard to feel like you're improving, especially considering I have to scale every workout (they have crossfit standards for how much weight to use and what not but you can scale the workout to a lower level of intensity if you are a weakling like myself). But the good out weighs the bad for me. Plus, pretty much every guy who works at crossfit is a dreamboat.

Lucinda and Dee laugh at me, because I go to crossfit and don't speak. I go, work out, am mute and leave. They think its funny that I'm so socially awkward. In fact, they have decided that I don't mingle, I a-mingle. As in association mingling. I stand next to other people who are mingling. But truthfully, when I'm working out, especially when I'm working out hard, I don't have it in me to speak. I'm shy and I'm usually tired and feeling out of my depth at crossfit. And none of that is conducive to me speaking.

I am actually a little sad that graduating means leaving this crossfit. Because I think I could have really gotten into it and I actually do really like the coaches and owners. But perhaps I'll look for a crossfit in wherever I end up.

But before our Dental Prom, Crossfit was having a members appreciation party. We decided that if all us dental student crossfitters went and stopped in together before Dental Prom, that it would be nice. I clearly wasn't the ringleader since I a-mingle. It was nice though. We took pictures with the owners and Lucinda and Dee's favourite coach Bern. And I donated to a guy running the Boston Marathon and got an awesome crossfit t-shirt out of the deal. Which is awesome because I was really wanting some crossfit gear. I was glad we didn't stay for too long, but it was nice to stop in. It was definitely funny though, because we were all dressed to the nines, so we did a lot of explaining why we were so fancy.

The Dental Crossfitters!
Sara Mandell, Lucinda, Dee, Myself
When we first arrived, Josh came and greeted all of us. Josh is one of the co-founders of this crossfit and a really nice guy. Also a super buff and attractive man. You know what will bring an instant blush to my face and have me in all sorts of shock, when people hug you and kiss you on the cheek upon greeting. Yup, that happened. I never expect people to cheek kiss hello, so I definitely never know how to take that. I'm pretty sure I'd be awkward about it even if someone less attractive did it. I never really get used to people in my personal bubble. 
Us with Josh 
 Lucinda is going to be going off to boot camp very shortly, and one of her reasons for joining crossfit was that she wants to be able to do pull-ups. And crossfit does a lot of strength training. Sadly, Dee and I still can't manage to do pull-ups. But sometimes Dee likes to attempt them anyways :)

With crossfit, I usually try to go in the mornings. Working out in the mornings is not something I've really done much of before, but there is something to be said for it being 7:30am and already being done your workout for the day. But sometimes my schedule doesn't allow me to come in the mornings. Bern runs the WODs in the evening sessions usually. He's nice enough, but I don't super click with him. Probably because I'm a weakling and mute. But Dee and Lucinda think he's hilarious. 
Coach Bern
Co-founder and owner Micheal
 We crossfitters are SUPER tough. 
I'm glad we went. Mostly because of the t-shirt :)

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Royall said...

I've actually been wanting to try crossfit but I was already a couple months pregnant when I discovered it. Maybe if you move back to Lethbridge we can do it together!