Monday, April 9, 2012

Dining Casa de Lowry

With the recent busyness of my life, I developed a terrible habit. It literally has been months since I've had any sort of food to speak of in my house. Meaning that literally every meal I was eating, I was buying. 
But now that my exams are done and I mostly have nothing to do once I get home from school, I'm going to try to make a push to try to get back into feeding myself, rather than letting the local food shops feed me. 
Already, my simple meals have reminded me of how nice it is to have a supply of food on hand. Its just nice, to walk to the fridge and pull out something good to eat if I'm hungry. (And Bonus - I feel like its healthier too!)
I'm sure I'll have some take-out withdrawal at some point. 
But lets be real - Fruit salad and brie isn't a take out food. And its delicious.

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