Saturday, April 28, 2012

That Time Hailey Invited Me to Answer Some Questions

Oh Blog chains. Sometimes you're cute. 
Even though I almost never follow your rules.

1. Post these rules
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things
3. Answer the question set for you in the original post
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people
5. Let them know they've been tagged

I often try to take pictures of myself without people around me noticing. Yes, it often involves me pretending I'm not taking a picture of myself. And yes, I'm pretty much always taking photos of myself. 

I can't handle people yelling at me. I.Hate.It.

One time, someone I knew blatantly avoided me. Like saw me on the other side of a doorway they were walking through, and awkwardly turned on their heel and left through a different door. When the person explained later, they said they knew I had enough gumption to not be offended. Offended? No. Cried for ten minutes after in a church bathroom? Yes.

I read this post today. And I thought, for what isn't the first time, yup, I never planned my life past graduating. And I'm having a hard time coming up with any plan. Even a tentative one. I had a friend ask me where I saw myself in 6 months. And I didn't even have a whisper of an idea.

Matty text me in the middle of the night to tell me that someone {cough Laura cough} had used Brackening and it was now taking off in a wildly successful manner. {And I just love that}

My oral surgery faculty member took me and two other students to the prison hospital to work on inmates. He not only complimented my abilities, but he offered to sign off my final competency for the rotation. I felt pretty darn good about my tooth extraction skills after that. Of course the next day, when all the residents were jerks to me and kept having me assisting the third year, my ego came right back down. #thecircleofschoollife

I literally have no idea where I'm going to physically live after dental school. Alberta for now... but where in Alberta?

It takes me a long time to get comfortable with things. I'm just starting to feel really settled in crossfit and its sad that I'm leaving so soon. I'm going to miss crossfit backbay. And I hate that new feeling of new places and new people. Too bad thats the only sure thing in my future. 

Often I harbour foolish hopes for foolish plans. 

I just got a few boxes to start packing up my things. {Which I'm sure my family is excited about} I'm moving. Craziness.

I'm going to watch the Mental Blocks tonight. Who are they? Oh just a band Dr. Moran and a few other faculty members started. Yup, its gonna be awesome!
And now for the questions
1. if you met someone and hated their name, would that influence if you dated them?
Absolutely. The name Greg for instance. Ug. Its so gross to me. Gregory was a kid in my elementary school and he picked his nose and wiped it all over his desk. I can't hear the name Greg without thinking of him. Gag.

2. what is your proudest moment?
Ug. I guess I was really proud of myself when I got accepted into dental school. That feeling wore off real quick though. But I really like when people love the gifts I've picked out. Makes me feel super great. 

3. what is your favorite way to procrastinate?
Television. Hands down, I could lose hours to online streaming television shows. I love reading but I that takes a bit of focus for me. And sometimes I'm too distracted to be able to do it.

4. if you could only eat one kind of dessert forever what would you choose?
Sour punch bits in tangerine-lemonade.
They're sooo delicious. And I'm pretty sure discontinued except via Amazon.
But real dessert? Something bread product related. Like hot cross buns. I freaking love hot cross buns. Or biscuits. Or scones!

5. do you feel awkward talking to people who are wearing sunglasses that you can see your reflection in or is that just me?
110% Awkward. Because all I do is stare at my own reflection. Oh vanity.

6. do you love anything striped right now?
Just now? Lets be real... stripes are a good home base for me. They're no polka dots but they're pretty good.

7. do you write in a journal and blog? why?
I do both because I need somewhere to place my thoughts. Turns out I have a lot of thoughts. It's nice having somewhere to write them down. And I use them both for different things. Sometimes its nice to put out into the world how I feel and other times I need to be able to express myself without feeling like I need to worry about what I say or how I portray myself. My journal is for me. And me alone. And I don't have to be anyone but who I am. And while I try to be as authentic as possible, I'm only human and full of insecurities. So its necessary to have some place like that. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but I wish I felt more like that in the real world; less pressure to be someone else and more acceptance for the person I am right now. I know that life is about growth and living up to our potentials, but its also nice to feel like, as a base to our potential, there is a general acceptance for the person we are in this exact moment. Writing has become a cathartic way for me to try to accept myself, more than anything. And it's hard. So very hard. 

8. what is your unrealistic fantasy career?
I wish so badly that I had gotten to do gymnastics as a kid.
Even now I wish I was a gymnast and could do all the crazy athletic things they do.
Is 25 too old to start being a gymnast? Ha.

9. what is the most awkward situation you can think of?
That time when I was on a first date and off handedly mentioned that my date must be really busy being a first year law student. To which, he didn't reply. For like an entire minute. And then turned and went "Who's a first year law student? Cause its not me."
Ug. I still cringe. And I still don't know why I thought he was in law school. I don't even know anyone in law school. 

10. are you an organized person?
I'm organized in my school scheduling. Like OCD organized. Like faculty and staff often comment on my organization and persistent attitude. But when it comes to my room or personal things... not so much.

11. have you ever had to tell someone that you couldn't be their friend anymore?
Not in so many words. I think drifting happens naturally. I think its sad every time and I often hold on to the remains of nothing for far too long. I'm horribly nostalgic.

My brain hurts. 
The End.


hailey said...

you KNOW i loved this :) and thank you, thank you, thank you for agreeing with me about the sunglass reflection tragedy! it kills me :) you're great melissa, but not like i didn't already know that :)

Laura Beth said...

Two things {kind of three}

1. I laughed sooo hard and out loud when I read your random comment about Matt texting you. That's so funny. I'm still totally confused as to why you two love it but I'm hooked. Look at my blog for the last month or two. Bracketlove.

2. Calgary. Come live in Calgary. When do you come back?