Monday, April 4, 2011

Dental Prom - Part 2

The 2nd Annual Goldman Gala had a few new flashy enticements:

1. Really Nice Venue
Boston Park Plaza Hotel

2. Live Band
The live band was so awesome. They sang lots of songs which were great for dancing to, and they would walk through the mass of people. It was the perfect music for an event like this.

3. Photobooth
Best Idea EVER!
Everywhere should have this. Seriously.
It was so much fun to go in the photobooth and take ridiculous pictures.
And getting the print outs! 
Seriously. I want a photobooth in my house right now.
Or at every event I ever go to.

I absolutely love every shot of the study group.
The Lucinda and I one makes me laugh... we like it all except the last shot.
The huge group shot was hilarious... Seriously, John and Derrick are ridiculous.
And Dr. Moran. I love that we posed around him while he didnt move or change his face.
The entire thing was AMAZING. 

4. The Food.

Option 1: Vegetarian Lasagna

 Option 2: Steak

Option 3: Fish

There was definitely a moment, where after our server had come by for the fourth time to re-ask what meal we were supposed to get, that we highly doubted we'd be getting food at all. But it turned out. I got the Fish option, Lucinda got the Vegetarian Lasagna and the rest got Steak. Lucinda and I went halvsies on our meals and both were really good, though the Lasagna might have been my favorite (even though I love me some potato pancake). And the dessert? Well, mine was demolished before the others even had their forks out. HA. 

5. The Company (and no I'm not making a Prison Break reference)

Tamsen and John Keyes

Dan and Lucinda Barry
Aaron and Sabrina Baumler-Hartman (HA - just kidding, their last names arent hyphenated even though I did try to make their name tags say that since I set up who was at our table)
Our table was smaller than everyone else's but I kinda liked it that way.
I'm exclusive like that.

6. Dental Tooth Ice Sculpture

Dee, Lauren Greco, Heather Parson, Lucinda, Me, Liz Benz


I'm a little jealous Dee got a singular shot with the tooth... I kinda wanted one.

HA. Derrick here is showing off his lovely strapless dress. That Derrick. Always looking nice.

To Be Continued...

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That party looks insane!